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5 weeks-online-group-course starting in September. HARMONY & BALANCE IN JUST MINUTES.​​

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New eBook, coming soon!

The book takes you on my transformational journey, both emotionally and geographically, from a hopeless to an empowered state.

Hi there, we are Richard & Kristina!

We believe that when we reconnect with ourselves,
we live with clarity, focus & happiness; for us, a successful life!

Do you know you are complete?

You are the precious diamond that you seek.

Join our "Adventure of Now" & BringYourSoul wherever you go.

To inspire you to live and flow in the present moment "The Adventure of Now" we offer consultations within "Spiritual & Personal Growth Coaching", "Meditation", "Feng Shui" & "Clutter Clearing". We also create inspirational blog posts, video and audio downloads. For us, life is a family affair and together we explore the world as "The Lindström´s" and share our gained knowledge.

So, how do we stay connected and in tune with ourselves?

"The ancient yogis tell us that we are all one with the divine spirit. 
Buddhists say we are emptiness and quantum physics explains to us what´s going on in the web of the universe. 
Reading and learning about all of this is exciting and a part of our journey, but what is most important for us is; 
- HOW do we use this knowledge to live our own lives more fully in the moment.

By connecting to the creative flow of the Universe, we get access to our true potential.
Not letting our thinking mind blind us, instead trusting our intuition and our inner voice, to lead the way."

Take leaps of faith and start growing...

”Having coaching with Richard is truly 
a milestone in my life.
I discovered that all the answers are within myself and with Richard ́s guidance and questions I got to experience my innermost core in depth. I highly recommend Richard, as he guided me in a nice, intelligent and humble way  through my difficulties and made me feel safer, stronger and more insightful. I am forever grateful that I took this chance.”

/Anna, Sweden

”Kristina has given us new perspective on how we see the school and over the long term will contribute to many powerful changes. Thank you for everything.”

/Lowri Millar, Baleares International College, Mallorca