My new eBook! Swedish Edition.

It´s here! My new eBook.

"Our greatest source of joy is to unite with what we love - so open up and re-connect to your highest potential."
New Online Group Program
20th January - 15th March 2020

Take this 8-weeks Life Adventure to stand in and act from your greatness aligned with your higher potential by taking hands-on-action.

New Podcast & Blog series; "The Adventure of Now"

The spiritual podcast "The Adventure of Now", brought to you by "Bring Your Soul". Guided Meditation at the end of the episode.

“We are passionate about living a conscious life, expanding beyond our self-made limiting beliefs, making empowering real life transformations, as we have made ourselves. Helping people realize that they have all that they need inside themselves.

Live with Clarity, Focus & Happiness!

"We are all part of something greater and by connecting to the creative flow of the Universe, we get access to our true potential.
Not letting our thinking mind blind us, instead trusting our intuition and our inner voice, to lead the way."

Join our "Adventure of Now" & BringYourSoul wherever you go.

We invite you to join us by taking part in our services and following along via our social media!

Coaching with Richard


Happy to see you, welcome!

Great By Action

Great By Action.

Happy to see you, welcome!

Meditation with Richard


Happy to see you, welcome!

If we dare to go past our comfort zone and trust that we are well taken care of we have the possibility to reach any goal and live a successful life.”

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