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Create the balanced life

you long for!

However the situation is for you at the moment "if you are stressed, out of balance, worried, unhappy and depressed", doesn´t matter. What matters is, that you want to change, that you want to live a more satisfying life; "a life of color, happiness, creativity and balance". There are numerous ways to try to bend life and force it to go our way. But most of the time this leaves us tired, powerless and confused… right! Isn´t it time for you to start new habits, that cultivate the qualities of happiness, compassion, mindfulness, courage and vulnerability, etc. Isn´t it time to start living the way you long for, with more ease and less effort?

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A way of living that really works? (Yes, yes it does).

"What a difference the "One-minute matters” course can make! I felt the immediate results during the first week already, which affected my everyday life at home, and at my work place in a very positive way. It takes only a few minutes per day to turn attention to yourself, your soul and body. Daily lessons, short videos shared by Richard are a very comprehensive, user friendly tool, walking you step by step through the course. It’s an inspiration in various contexts, highly recommendable course."

― Gordana, Budapest

Course Value

Your way of living with new successful habits to help you bring harmony, balance and peace of mind into your everyday life.

Your meditation skills to help you strengthen you daily practice and bring clarity, focus and happiness into your life.

Inquiry skills that enables you to dive deeper into any subject.

Your new compassionate way of listening so that you can connect deeper with yourself and others.

Your new found clarity of your true needs and limiting beliefs, so that you can understand how to move forward.

Your connection to inner happiness so you bring forward the glow of happiness and the sparkle of joy. 

Your new vision and ideals that allow you to move forward towards living the life you long for, in alignment with your purpose".

Course Content


Daily Video Lessons

Sit back and relax, pause, rewind and re-view. Start your day with short and inspirational videos about daily topics, to kick-start your practice. Over 5 hours of quality video.


Guided Exercises

Short exercises, guided by me, for expanding your practice and experiencing and welcoming the transformation more fully.


Weekly Live Meetings

CONTACT ONCE A WEEK online via Zoom, (a free online tool for meetings) with the current group for updates, ideas, questions and to practice in group.



A closed group for giving and receiving of great value and support. You are important. We share and learn from each other. We build relationships for personal growth.


Guided Meditations

Short meditations, guided by me, for waking up to, relaxing to during the day or placing yourself in a calm state before going to bed.


Work Sheets

To be able to check in, keep track and allow yourself to fully focus on the practice without forgetting useful info and insights.

Module & Process

Module 1

Harmonize Yourself

Our mind is a wandering mind. It constantly produces thoughts and images that competes for our attention. It has a running inner commentary on everything we do, and doesn't shut up when we want it to.

Our thinking mind is a wild mind and only by meditation, mindfulness and focus training, are we able to distance ourselves and observe the mind without engaging. This is why I think it is crucial that we learn to ”Take a Minute”, a short and effective micro break meditation, that can be used anywhere and everywhere. It can be used multiple times during our busy days.

I believe that a new habit of turning inward, sensing our body and following our breath during our day, can truly bring peace, balance and help us to slow down our spinning mind.

The biggest problem we face, is the difficulty to stay aware and mindful in the present moment. So in this module we will start to form a new healthy daily habit of ”Taking a Minute”, so we can step out of our minds and into the now. We will also learn how to deeply relax for a better sleep.

We will go through the following topics in this module:

  • Taking a Minute
  • The Posture
  • The Breath
  • The Thinking Mind
  • Stillness, Silence and Spaciousness 
  • Deep Relaxation

Module 2

What´s Happening Now?

In this module we will expand on what we learned in the first one. Here we will focus even more on our awareness and attention.

"What´s happening now?", is an open question, an inquiry into the now. You will learn to rest in open awareness and observe HOW your power of attention works. With the use of the question, you step into the moment and become fully aware. 

You will learn to reflect over; "how we constantly judge everything as good, bad or don´t care". You can begin to practice non-judgment and become more open. 

We will also talk about mindfulness and how to start to practice it. By not getting attached to our experiences, we can be more fully present.

We will finish of feeling the open, spacious experience of oneness.

We will go through the following topics in this module:

  • What´s Happening Now?
  • Open Awareness
  • Attention
  • Mindfulness
  • Judging Mind
  • Oneness

Module 3

Compassionate Listening

The most precious gift we can give another human being is our full undivided attention. In this module you will learn about compassion and suffering, how to embrace it yourself, and to be able to support others by listening.  

To be able to listen without interrupting, judging or thinking of ways to help, takes practice. The good thing is that in this course there is a group to turn to, and find partners to practice with, if you want.

Me and my wife Kristina practice the art of listening on a daily basis, whenever either one of us needs to be listened to. This is such a great support and it has helped us grow in understanding of each other`s fears, worries and needs.  

Learn to open up and be vulnerable by practicing courage.

We will go through the following topics in this module:

  • Compassionate Listening
  • Listening
  • Compassion
  • Suffering 
  • Vulnerability & Courage
  • Speaking

Module 4

Radiant Happiness

I believe that we all have inner happiness. It is an essence quality and it is ceaseless, eternal and never ending. Just like the sun can be covered by clouds, so can our happiness be covered by fear and expectations, worry, stress, anger, jealousy, etc. But that doesn't mean that the happiness isn't there.

In this module we will practice ”Happiness Marbles”, a meditation to connect to this inner happiness. This is done by choosing to be happy and using our powerful imagination, to spark this happiness inside. It also opens up for giving freely to others, from this fountain of happiness inside.

Embrace your fears and let go of your expectation, and live happy in the moment.

We will go through the following topics in this module:

  • Happiness Marbles
  • Happiness
  • Fear & Expectations
  • Giving and Receiving
  • Gratitude & Appreciation
  • Visualization

Module 5

Inner Guidance & Vision

Something very powerful happens when we sit down and reflect over our past year, month or day. It is a way to look back and see where we have been, and how we move forward and develop. We can catch repeating behaviors and habits more easily, so that we can change them.

in this module we will start to practice listening to your intuition and inner guidance; to inquire further into a certain quality like, love, strength or happiness.

We will write supporting ideals and visions that can start working for us right away.

You are a creator in your life, and let that show in the decisions you make. You will finish with a satisfying sense of completion and the feeling of total freedom.

We will go through the following topics in this module:

  • Reflection Time
  • Inquiry
  • Intuition & Inner Guidance 
  • I am a creator
  • Creating an ideal
  • Creating a vision

Experience inner happiness... This course will show you how!

"One-Minute Matters!" allowed me to look within myself and become positive and aware of who I am. It gave me the key to understanding how to be fully present in my child’s life, ENJOYING THE PRESENT MOMENT.

I believe what Richard is offering us is also a precious resource for our children. THANKS RICHARD!!!"

― Patrizia, Mallorca

Any questions?

"Without a daily habit of "Taking a Minute, re-connecting to happiness, listening & speaking with compassion and having a clear vision and ideal for your life", chances are you will be stuck in your "wandering thinking mind" feeling stressed, and having a hard time moving forward without clarity, harmony & balance."

Now is not the right time for me.

What you really are saying is "I don´t have time to invest in myself and my wellbeing". Think of the bigger picture. What is most important to you? What do you value? For so many years my wellbeing was not top priority and for me the consequences became really devastating. 

Will this work for me?

This course is designed to be able to guide you both as a beginners or intermediate in an easy and effective way. If you commit and follow through, you will experience all the great benefits this course offers.  

How long will it take every day?

The daily videos you will get access to are ca 8-12 minutes long. Depending on the day, it takes ca 20-40 minutes for exercises and reflection (spread out during the day).

How long will the content be available to me?

You have access to the course material for 3 months, when you have completed the course.

"As long as I can remember I have always looked for ways to deal with my stressed mind and my un-balanced way of living. I thought I was familiar with meditating and taking a deeper look at myself. The “One-Minute Matters!” course really gave me new insights along the way and helped me to see what needs I truthfully have. And how I often acted from habit instead of being true to my heart and what I longed for. For me the daily lessons, with its short videos gave me the time to sit down and just listen to another person being vulnerable and share his take on living in the NOW in different ways on a a daily basis. I felt excited, guided, transformed and seen. I received easy tools and exercises that I can use regulary. For me the 5-weeks were a true inspiration and I can whole-hearted recommend the course. Big, big thanks Richard!"

― Kristina, Sweden

Enroll! Only 1997 SEK (value 2997 SEK)

Next start up fall 2019.

You can start cultivating the essential qualities of happiness, compassion, mindfulness, clarity and a peaceful mind.

Don't wait to take this course; Your life is happening right now!

Next start up fall 2019, join our waiting list!

You can start cultivating the essential qualities of happiness, compassion, mindfulness, clarity and a peaceful mind.

Don't wait to take this course; Your life is happening right now!

No risk in enrolling

We offer a 5-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you decide The One-Minute Matters! Digital Course isn’t right for you, just email us within 5 days of your course start and we will refund you in full.

Enroll! Only 1997 SEK (value 2997 SEK)

Richard, creator of the "One-Minute Matters!" online group course

I believe we can all find

peace and inner guidance!

Hi, I´m Richard, creator of the One-Minute Matters!” online group course.
I live in Sweden with my wife and two children and work as a coach and meditation teacher online and offline. 

I am passionate about meditation, mindfulness, coaching and vast array of spiritual practices. I 

love to read, write and talk about these subjects and explore their potential benefits. 

For the last 13 years I have benefited greatly from my daily meditation habit and consider it to be the foundation of my life.

I love spending time with my family, go traveling and be in nature. When I´m not working I enjoy painting and try to take time out to practice playing my acoustic guitar. 

I find it inspiring to help and support people in need of change. I have done this for the last 13 years now in different ways.

I want to keep giving people great value trough coaching, mentoring, courses, workshops and retreats. 

I love to co-create with my lovely wife Kristina who is a great support and inspiration to me. I see before me many years of adventure.

Bring Your Soul, wherever you go…

"The Adventure is happening right now...

So use this precious moment to live your life to the fullest.”

Looking forward to working with you!

For Clarity, Focus & Happiness,

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