Kristina´s new ebook; "A new direction in life and HOW I made it happen"; my first 20 Key Insights on my quest to explore; HOW we create our own reality.

You always have a choice!

”I know the road from my home to the train station, I have taken it hundreds of times, but I can´t seem to get there. I feel like crying and laughing at the same time and my never-ending and guiding joy is long gone. My heart aches, I shiver from anxiety and inside I scream as loud as I can.

I feel I have no own choice to stop the wheel from spinning faster and faster. Every day I pray that I will collapse so that everything would just stop, and so I did…

Happy? I didn't even knew who I was anymore, what I truly liked...  

felt confused, sad and stuck. Most of all so tired, and my love for life was long gone. During the weeks and months that followed it really was like peeling an onion, where all the layers that no longer reflected the person I were came off one by one. And during those moments of reflection I knew that I didn't want to go back, I could no longer go back; something in me has forever changed.

All you have to decide is; what to do with the time that is given to you…

The book takes you on my transformational journey, both emotionally and geographically, from a hopeless to an empowered state.

Where small opportunities for your own reflection, to each chapter, invites you to kick-start your own journey according to your own desires.

Changing the way I act and stepping out of my comfort zone and challenging myself, have certainly lead to me feeling the fear of change but gone ahead and done it anyway. Altogether it has made me feel alive and my experiences have filled a purpose; "to gain an understanding of life as a journey, with opportunities to create expansion not just act as separate destinations".

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About the Author

Kristina Lindström is a whole-hearted & couragous life explorer and visionary, with an absolute amazing love for life. Around 40 her awakening came. By experiencing a brain stress she got her eye opener for making a decision that would transform her´s and her family´s life. 

This shaking life experience has made her feel alive, and her unstoppable curiosity have filled a purpose; “to create an understanding of life as a journey, with spontaneous learning and opportunities to create thrilling expansion and not just act as separate destinations”. 

Be ”Sporadious” on your Adventure; let your (Spontaneous), (Curious) and (Courageous) awareness always lead the way!  

I wrote the book for me and for you.

And that is exactly why I wrote this book. I wrote this book to review my patterns, remembering my experience, and as an inspiration for you, who feel stuck in life, who don't see that you have a choice to break free, or know how to start to change your direction of life. It´s based on my own experiences and inspirational insights I have crossed on my path, which have helped me to make an honest self-scan while letting go, transforming and opening up for new things to entering my life.

”Let´s explore together, join now!”

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