The first thing you need is to 
Make the Energy Flow.

Hey there, welcome! Did you know that nature pulsates with energy. 
And abundant energy is not something that we have to create or make. 
It is always there, wanting to flow, waiting for us to tap in, 
wanting to express itself as creativity and balance.

Your space is the heart; your nourishing oasis. Making your home, garden or office work for you in service of your passion can be an exciting and yet demanding process. Are you connected or disconnected to your environment? Do you surround yourself with symbols that act as reflections and reminders, of your true potential and capacity within? Ar you looking for greater creativity, less stress, more flow?

Let me, as a professionally trained Feng Shui consultant, guide you to identify energy blockages and the benefits of having your environment reflecting your goals and vision in life. Unleash the power, the life energy, in your space and within. So you can experience the true benefits of open up to the flow; - Living a joyful life expressing your true potential.

Certified via Nordic School of Feng Shui, Susanna Utbult. 

Feng Shui is an ancient teaching based on the forces of nature and the movement of the sun.

Physically, all of us are composed entirely of energy; molecules, atoms and an array of sub atomic particles all moving in dynamic and structured patterns. Everything within and outside us is energy and each one of us goes beyond the immediate physical being and is a part of one great universal energy field.
With the introduction of quantum physics, scientists have come to acknowledge what metaphysical and spiritual teachers had known for hundreds of years – that the fabric of the universe is not solid matter but a type of force that can be called energy.
Chi, life energy, is one of the most important components of Feng Shui. Chi is the essence of life; it animates everything and is the driving force of all existence. Through Feng Shui you can determine the best flow of chi.

Where are you heading in life & what do you long for? 
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The Power of Choice

Do you acknowledge the power to choose your direction in life? Where are you heading? 
Buy this pre-recorded course and work in your own pace.
Let´s help you create open space and invite some amazing opportunities you are looking for. 

Meet Kristina

I have always looked for change... 

"Get into the Flow" with Feng Shui

- Consultation Details

An on site consultation lasts around 4 hours (ca 100 m2 space). For a consultation online look further below.

Choose from 4 package, which all includes the tools to create harmony and balance; the BaGua - 8 life aspects, Flow of Chi, The Five Elements, Color & Material, Refurbishing, Light & Plants, Power Position and Ying & Yang. The tool Geopathic Stress is only available on site.

Prices are based on private consultations, for inquires regarding business fill in the form below. 

Costs for parking will be added. Outside Palma; additional petrol and milage.

If in need of cancelling, please give 48 hours notice.

Looking forward to help you make the energy flow and open up for new amazing opportunities!

”Be a river, not a swamp. 
No matter how clean your environment is, 
the freshness is in the flow of Chi; life energy.”

We are really thankful to ”BringYourSoul”
 because you introduced us in this amazing experience "Feng Shui”!

The consultation was very professional and we are more than happy to apply all your suggestions and advice,
which you explained to us practically, precisely and graphically; taking in mind all our needs in order to
have the possibility to achieve our goals, as well as personal, professional and family field.  

Your great job also gave us the opportunity to learn how the energy can flow better in our home and how we can boost it.

/Cynthia & Nils, Mallorca 

Thank you for everything!

”Kristina has given us new perspective on how we see the school and over the long term will contribute to many powerful changes."

/Lowri Millar, Baleares International College, Mallorca 

So, which package inspires you?

Would love an INTRODUCTION!

Let´s take a look at your flow!

  • 1 consultation on site. (You take your own notes).
  • 1 Q & A, via email, regarding possible re-adjustment of my suggestions.

€ 247

Your Flow

VISUAL suggestions, yes please!

Time to be inspired and welcome positive change!

  • 1 pre-visit.
  • 1 consultation on site.
  • Affirmation for all life aspects.
  • Visual suggestions (within 2 weeks time.)
  • 1 month of 3 Q & A, via email, regarding possible re-adjustment of my suggestions.

In need of that extra visual presentation? Well, then this package is for you... Let the creative pictures be your inspirational guide to summarize your consultation.

€ 479

VISUAL  suggestion

VISUAL & WRITTEN - Absolutely!

Let´s do a full space make over!

  • 1 pre-visit.
  • 1 consultation on site.
  • Personalized affirmation for all life aspects.
  • Visual suggestions.
  • Written suggestions.

(within 2-3 weeks time.)

  • Flying Stars; analyze of current energies.
  • 1 re-visit. 
  • 1 month á 4 Q & A, via email, regarding possible re-adjustment of my suggestions.

In need of clearing more than ones? - Let´s be honest...
Don´t we all... Split the time and get into the process of continuation.

€ 747


More freedom, Awesome!
Online - Package

Get into the flow via Skype... Absolutely!

  • 1 consultation via Skype.
  • 1 Q & A, via email, regarding possible re-adjustment of my suggestions.
  • How does the process of doing Feng Shui online work?
  1. Take some snapshots of the chosen space.
  2. Sketch a floor plan (does not have to be precise) and take a photo too.
  3. Fill out an “element test”…
  4. Send me an Email with all the info and we set a time to Skype.
  5. (*Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page & I will send you the specifics.)

€ 177

via Skype

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A first free call - VIA SKYPEWould love an INTRODUCTION!VISUAL suggestions, yes please!VISUAL & WRITTEN suggestions, Absolutely!More freedom, Awesome! - VIA SKYPE

Would love an INTRODUCTION!VISUAL suggestions, yes please!VISUAL & WRITTEN suggestions, Absolutely!More freedom, Awesome!- VIA SKYPE

Based on the beautiful island of Mallorca
 I conduct my consultations in Swedish and English.

For requests outside Mallorca within Europe; get friends together and share my costs for the trip and accommodation. 

”Let´s explore together, join now!”

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