Bringing meditation into the school.

"The One-Minute-Meditation Project"

"Meditation is a tool to cultivate a clear, focused and happy mind"

- Tulku Lobsang

As a parent of two children I know how hard it can be to get routines to stick... especially relaxing and meditation. That´s why I think it´s such a great idea to bring meditation into schools. Here the teachers can and children can benefit greatly by the structured environment the school provides. I think that in the long term meditation and focus training will help both teachers and students to get more out of there school day and also to feel more relaxed and calm when leaving the school in the afternoon.

Inspiring comments from the release of the video.

"An inspiring project and great film! Looking forward to seeing more."

"Wonderful and much needed initiative!"

"Wonderful! We should all be doing this. Well done you guys."

"All schools should be doing this."

"An amazing initiative ! A refreshing move forward. Hope to see Sa Porrasa BIC implement this soon too!"

"What a wonderful initiative and a lovely inspiring film to watch too. Fantastic!"

"This is absolutely fantastic!! Thank you so much for this wonderful initiative!!"

"Congratulations! That's amazing...."

"Great job!!!! Congratulations!!!!"

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