Enjoy ”Taking a Minute” together.

This is the One-Minute-Meditation Called ”Taking a Minute” and is used in the schools with the children on a daily basis.

Imagine that you have 3 balloons in your body, one in the belly, one in the middle and one in your chest. We do the ”Balloon Breaths” to expand our lung capacity and use the whole range of our breath.

This helps us gain fresh new energy before concentrating on the meditation. The minute in silence is done by focusing all our attention on the breath only. We follow our natural way of breathing in and out through our nose.

Experience the peacefulness, clarity and focus it brings in such a short time. Enjoy, Richard!

Enjoy ”The One-Minute-Meditation Project"

Here is the video I made about the project at BIC Sant Agusti Campus.

Enjoy, Richard!

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"The One-Minute-Meditation Project" 

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