”What we all need is to be heard and seen for who we are and to know that someone understands and supports us.”

Hey there, welcome! Zen coaching is based around compassionate listening and fully being present to what is happening right now, inside ourselves. This opens up for a deeper connection and in that space you will feel safe enough to open up and share your problems and innermost pains.

What do you long for?

To have someone listen to you, see you and understand you is a fundamental human need. We all need to feel loved, understood and supported.

Zen means meditation and I believe that every session is a precious gift of awareness in the present moment and of true heart-to-heart connection. It is an act of meditation, heightened intuition and a sacred space where we co-create for your wellbeing.  

Zen coaching is a mindfulness approach to coaching developed by Kåre Landfald. It is based on the teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, Compassionate Communication by Marshall Rosenberg, the knowledge about essence and inquiry from AH Almaas and the power of focusing by Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D.

”We are already complete, we just need to realize this; Zen coaching is a great way to do just that.” 


I have supported, many people in severe emotional pain who have been suffering, for more than ten years now and I have gained much knowledge and experience on how to guide and inspire people to break free and live healthy productive lives.

We all suffer, it is a part of being human. My intention as a Zen coach is not to fix you… because you are not broken. Instead I want to guide, inspire and empower you, as you re-connect to your inner essence, your heart´s desire. 

I want to offer my best possible support so that you, yourself can find the answers you seek. So you can blossom and use your full potential. This is the power of Zen coaching.

Let Zen coaching help you to break free from fears, expand past your limiting beliefs and realize the answers to the question - what do I long for? 

signatur Richard

”Fulfillment is in this moment”; Zen Coaching sessions with Richard

Beautiful statements from some of my clients:

”My session with Richard was amazing! Exploring an inner space I have never been to. Visualizing the life I want for myself and my family. I hope a life changing experience.” - Kyle

”My session with Richard was deeply joyful and essentially useful. Learning to read my body and head, which is something all of use should learn. The words provided by Richard… he knows how to put in words what I try to say. Thank you Richard!” - Elena

”I found my session with Richard helpful. It showed me an obvious issue which I always try not to look at. The idea to love myself before I send it out to others. The session was peaceful and I felt protected and safe. Could not think of anything better.” - Stefan

”In my session with Richard I found it beneficial to know that it´s all right to explore the sadness space and that it´s ok to have it. A realization of being here in the moment and not listening constantly to my mind.” - Milou

”I found my session with Richard amazing! It fascinates me how quickly you can incorporate a feeling like fear, so it isn't so big, or better said it is welcomed as a part of me. The main benefit was not struggling with fear.” - Kerstin

”What I found supportive was the space you gave me and not just talking but focusing on the body. Very positive.” - Yeshud

”My session with Richard was lovely. I was being able to separate and analyze the matter in a different way. Richard was being objective, listened and gave meaningful support. It was the first time I did it and I think it´s something people should do more often. You have a beautiful soul.” - Alba


Have you been listened to?

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"You are the treasure you seek" 


The Adventure of Now

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”Take the action steps necessary to reshape your life.”

My top 6 benefits of Zen Coaching:

  • Feeling fully listened to and understood 
  • Feeling supported and safe
  • Learning to be vulnerable and open
  • Saying yes to life in this present moment
  • Listening to what my body has to say to me 
  • Re-connecting to my heart´s desire

Consultation details

If need of cancelling, please give 24 hours notice. Prices are based on private consultations, for inquires regarding business fill in the form below. Costs for parking will be added. Outside Palma; additional petrol and milage.

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  • In this session you will get a taste of Zen Coaching and experience the potential benefits.

  • Afterwards we talk about your needs and how we can work together to benefit you.

  • Use this session to try out Zen Coaching and make a decision that can totally change your life.

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1 session 60 min Zen Coaching with me

  • In this heart-to-heart meeting You will receive my full attention and compassionate listening.
  • You will be able to talk about what is most important for you right now. 
  • Explore new ways to handle difficult situations in you life. 

You have all you need inside… Let me help you bring it out!

€ 59

Skype / On site

More coaching - Absolutely!

Take the leap and expand beyond limiting beliefs!

5 sessions

  • To start with we will be using a ”coaching wheel” to determine and locate your problem areas.
  • Getting clear of what the real problems are is a very important  part of the process.
  • Lets work trough the difficulties of your life so you can expand beyond what is holding you back so you can live the life you want.   

Make the decision to change your life today!

€ 249

Skype / On site

Reshape my life, yes please!
Online - Package

I offer long time support for greater transformation!

3 months support I will support you for a total of 7 hours of Zen Coaching

  • During the course of 3 months you will have the opportunity to really work through issues and problems in your life.

  • You will have access to my support via email several days a week.

Start reshaping  your life now, according to your own needs! 

€ 397

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Based on the beautiful island of Mallorca
 I conduct my consultations in Swedish and English.

For requests I am available on site, Mallorca, and also via Skype outside the island.

”Let´s explore together, join now!”

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