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"Fully unaware of what a mind-blowing adventure that is about to take place. During 9 weeks a minibus with 8 seats is going to be our mobile home, actually our 'only home' … And our only promise and guidance to ourselves, on this trip, is to stay fully open to 'our intuition and new amazing experiences …' And boy did we!"

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So inspiring and empathetic that you actually felt like a fellow passenger on the trip. What a lifestyle and what a wonderful way of thinking! Felt like the book was full of instructive words of wisdom about life to absorb. Very well written and lovely pictures. The book certainly came to life. Would love to have that same way of looking at life and people.”

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About the Book

We feel it is time for a new transformative state, an urge, for yet a new adventure is rising; a new opening into the unknown

To be able to open a new door, we make the decision to close another.

We came to Mallorca to start a new chapter in our lives, an adventurous one, and suddenly we feel a new calling. We want to feel even lighter, be able to travel with even fewer things, and to have bigger experiences.

This is a story about a transformative journey, a courageous family, with many spontaneous experiences, grand nature, intuitive guidance and inspirational meetings. A journey where we connect to the earth, ourselves and with other beautiful beings who pass our way. We live from day to day and we just bring what we will use; a few necessities, which give us an even wider and bigger way of living.

I have been waiting for sooo long to tell you this story as it, with all its challenges and possibilities, really changes the way we look at and embrace life. This journey is almost like an existential experience. I cannot stop asking myself:
"Why are we born into this world, if not to create loving relationships and expand our life experiences by letting our (Spontaneous), (Curious) and (Courageous) Awareness always lead the way!"

Be 'Sporadious'!

About the Author

Kristina is a whole-hearted & courageous life explorer, visionary and writer, with an absolutely amazing love for life.

Around 40 her awakening came. By experiencing a brain stress she got her eye opener for making two decisions that would transform her’s and her family’s life; selling almost everything and moving to Mallorca (with her 2 children and husband) and then make this adventurous trip in the USA. These amazing life experiences have made her feel alive and her unstoppable curiosity has filled a purpose; “to create an understanding of life as a journey, with spontaneous learning and opportunities to create thrilling expansion and not just act as separate destinations”.

Kristina is a strong believer in that we all have the capability to create our own reality. Her wish for you is to be inspired, to see possibilities where there are challenges and to open up for a living that resonates with your own heart-felt desires. Explore and be amazed of what you can create if you just put your mind to it.

signatur Kristina

Trying can never be a failure if being 
courageous and wholehearted is a strength.”

Kristina lindström

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