”Live with less

and open up for

something greater."

Do you feel stuck in life?

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"When we are born we arrive with no physical belongings, 
and when it is time to move on you leave the same.
So why would life in between be filled with things, 
that may be preventing you from enjoying life?"

Kristina Lindström

My name is Kristina and I feel inspired to be able to help people letting go of things holding them back, both physically, mentally and foremost emotionally. When the energy is interrupted, in our home, when things begin to accumulate and become cluttered it creates an imbalance. It creates a disorganized space with increased stress and a lowered personal performance. 

As it all competes for your attention, emotionally, mentally and physically, it´s making it harder for you to focus. The affect is lack of clarity, a feeling of being stuck in life, having a hard time moving on and finishing what you start.

Are you downsizing, or aiming to break limiting beliefs and unwanted habits… maybe you just like to create more open space NOW... or do you feel inspired to letting go fully?

The Basic Concept

Ask yourself the question; - What do I want and where am I heading from where I am, and feel today?

- What do I want, and how does that make me feel thinking about having it? What is my heart´s desire?

By acknowledging this you start to attract and stepping into your flow. And it becomes easier to let go... 

By letting things go, that do no longer reflect the person you are today or where you are heading, physically, mentally and emotionally, you open up for more vitality and balance, clarity and joy, and from there I believe anything is possible. 

Acknowledge your power to choose; how to feel and what to keep, to live your life to the fullest.
So how are the things you surround yourself with making you feel? Confused or clear-minded?

The Process of Creating Space

- Where are you heading in life?

Are you downsizing, or aiming to break limiting beliefs and unwanted habits… maybe you just like to kick-start and create more open space NOW... or do you feel inspired to letting go fully?

So what bigger reasons you have for letting go,
than rather keeping your items that create clutter?


When you have clarity life seems easy, your decisions are made quickly, you know exactly where you are going and you are in a more loving, receiving and giving state.

"Experience the true benefits of letting go; a joyful life expressing your true potential.”

The many benefits of

Letting Go & Creating Space

Opening up to and raising my energy level.

Being able to talk freely about your struggles in life and feeling supported all the way.

Stronger intuition.

What you have is today, not yesterday and not tomorrow.

Becoming aware of my emotions.

Finding your way back to that inner resource that knows whats best for you.

Feeling empowered and in more flow with life.

You have an intelligent body, listen.

Gaining more clarity and focus.

Letting go of the struggle and confusion.

Re-connecting to my heart´s desire.

Connecting to the divine creativity; my heart´s desire; my passion in life.

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"Your environment is a reflection of your State of Mind; How You Feel."

Kristina Lindström

"My warmest recommendations"

"Kristina has contributed in a positive and an inspiring way, making it easier for me to take on the challenges of clearing out my home. Where I was previously stuck with filled cupboards and wardrobes, wrapped in memories and feelings, she guided me carefully through out the clearing process with great results. My warmest recommendations!"

/Solveig, Sweden 

"I highly recommend hiring Kristina"

"Kristina’s open and warm personality made the journey of clearing the clutter a fun and joyous experience. Without any judgement she empowered me to make me feel confident in choosing myself over things and clutter. The relief and freedom I felt in letting things go is beyond words. I highly recommend hiring Kristina. "

/Karolina, Sweden 

signatur Kristina

Based on the beautiful island of Mallorca
 I conduct my consultations in Swedish and English.

For requests I am available on site, Mallorca, and also via Skype outside the island.

”Let´s explore together, join now!”

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