DAY 3. Are we living as we teach?

Journaling, day 3.

Are we living as we teach?

Do you walk your talk?

Hey there!

Sometimes I´m afraid to fall, to jump too high, to give too much or to love too hard. Where do I draw the lines, where do I set my boundaries…?

I am going back and forth to find the balance, leaning one way, caught by the wind of change against the other.


Do we have the courage to step out of our comfort zone? To shine as the diamonds we are…

To shine is to love, to love is to hold, hold the world in our hands.

Make decisions as you go…, you have today, about tomorrow you don't really know.

To be the light, to shine and show, show how to make the world bursts of joy.

So,... I heard about the climate change on tv a few days ago and how the way we live, makes such a big effect… Which is no news… and at the same time we also enter a new area where the globe is naturally getting warmer… As it has done a long time ago.

"Is it our endless need for more that creates the imbalance?"

I watched a program with Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden on GaiaTV, where they talked about how the nature and our body has and amazing way of coming together to heal, to create and to live in balance. It was called; ”Creating Heaven on Earth with Bruce Lipton on Missing Links with Gregg Braden”.

- Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden conclude their discussion on the massive changes our planet and society are undergoing. Science in the 21st century is revealing the power of cooperation and self-empowerment that proves our consciousness creates everything that we experience in life. This means we all have the power to create heaven on Earth. When we acknowledge this, the barriers of separation and programming keeping us locked into the old, unsustainable systems start to break down enabling us to start manifesting from wishes and desires, rather than fear and greed.”

For me it is so double… I can talked about and practice not buying plastic toys, but when I enter a shop with my daughter, she sometimes comes home with a slime. I can practice not eating red meat and chicken, but I love, absolutely love driving my car. It gives me freedom, it gives me the sense that all is possible and that the world is open to me. Just by placing myself in the car… So many emotions that kick in at the same time… It can look like a small thing, for each person, but if we all think the same it has a rapid growth.

"I will start and change tomorrow I say, but sometimes tomorrow never comes."

For 68 days, I traveled in the states with my family, in an 8-seats-mini van.

I had two shorts and 3 linnens that I used for the most parts. We bought a small cooking kit, had 4 knifes, 4 forks, 4 spoons, 4 glasses, 4 plates and that was it. We cooked our food over open fire morning and evening…

The kids ran wild among the trees and so did their imagination. And life seemed so easy.

How can we stay true to that way of living? Our chosen surroundings remind us of how we are, or of who we are expected to be. - Well, you lived like that because you were on holiday… Yes I did! And boy did it feel absolutely aligned with my soul, my desires and needs. But it is up to me and you, to make those changes, for the good of all… As I mentioned in my last blog post "What are we waiting for?"

"Don´t wait for the world to change... be the change now. What do you really have to loose? To give is to hold, hold the world in your hands."

So do I live the way you teach? Do I walk my talk?

According to numerology my life path is 33/6. I looked up my number 2 years ago but yesterday I was reading about it and it hit me… It is a master number.

A master number which means; I am here to teach, to uplift and to show universal love, but first I need to focus on healing myself. 

Master number 11 represents vision.
Master number 22 combines this vision with action.
Master number 33 offers guidance to the world... And is a combination of the two...

Lots of life challenges and lots of high energy. According to the number I am a compassionate healer, a compelling visionary and Joyful, inspired & creative communicator. It really resonates with me and my energy has kept me restless… I have always felt I will experience great challenges and possibilities, always felt there is more than meets the eye. When someone says, that is not possible… I feel; - well it is!… Why would it not be...?

The reason why I share is that I feel an urge, almost overwhelming feeling of reaching out to inspire… If I can share and create positive waves of inspiration, so can you... Why keep ideas and insights to myself, to yourself, when we can grow together...

When living on Mallorca I met this woman who helps people go through past lives and channel guidance. She told me;  - my mission is to help 1-1 on a deeper level, but you Kristina, you shall inspire the many. Keep it simple and give. Simply give of what you know, share your own experiences of life and foremost your own awakening. To help others to wake up and see their own possibilities and abilities to move forward empowered.

An awakening causes you to recognize that much of what you previously thought or understood was quite limited or partial. Life is filled with endless possibilities. 

"So what thoughts and beliefs are still holding you back, if any, from living as you teach, from walking as you talk?"

(You find your life path by adding you birth dates. For example if you are born on the 28th of May 1975: 
5-28-1975 becomes 5 + 2 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 5 = 37)

If my writing can inspire you to make a difference for the good of all, for you to expand your life experience, well that´s enough for me.

I am taking action, I am the change, I am in the middle of the creative mist and it has just started and I will not wait any longer…

To read my last blog post you find it here; DAY 2. Do we have a choice?

Until next time;

For the love of life and our creative potential!

"Where there are challenges, there are always possibilities."

2 thoughts on “DAY 3. Are we living as we teach?

  1. I love coming back to the campsite when we met your family! So simple and pure. The kids all played so nicely and free.
    I’m wondering how you share this info with your kids? Sometimes I feel like our kids are getting soaked into routines and pressures that they dont want to but dont feel as if they have a choice. There isnt a lot of reading/language that can connect with them…. just wondering what you continue to do with your kids.

    1. Hi Kira, loved that one too… The space and the nature 🙂 We often talk about it at home… As we are not big consumers, we explain why we don´t buy certain things and how it affects the nature and us… Where we live they are quite active, open about what´s happening and how you can help out… Sometimes it almost feels like I overwhelm them with my take on the situation… It´s such a great question… What to do when they feel as if they don´t have a choice…? I often questioned certain things and when people say you can´t do that, I wonder and ask why… I think many just adapt and accept that this is life… In Sweden we have obligatory school attendance… Until 9th grade… For them it´s also the social aspect… As on Mallorca we had to travel around to meet up with people and friends… And now they can meet up by walking and bike… So for them coming back to Sweden and get new close friends have brought them more joy… It´s tricky…

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