DAY 4. Are we able to change point of view in chaotic situations?

Journaling, day 4.

Are we able to change point of view in chaotic situations?

Can you see life from a different perspective?

Hey there!

Me and my husband Richard, was talking about how we can empower ourselves and empower you… Sometimes the hardest thing for a person, well at least for me… is to be vulnerable, to lay down the guard and to be open about my experiences, but it can be one of the most beautiful ways to move forward.

In chaotic situations it is so easy to make things up and be overwhelmed by fear, so we just react instead of taking time to think and act.

To protect ourselves we often keep up a facade, try to act as something that we might not be and maybe then the other person is too. So how would it be if we can share experiences, by dropping the facade, to help and inspire to show each other how we cope or when we do not.

So, let me start by sharing a chaotic piece of my life…

"Let there be an opening into the quiet that lies beneath the chaos where you find the peace you did not think possible and see what shimmer within the storm.” — John O’ Donohue"

Spring 2018 we went on an amazing trip to the states. We took the kids out of school as we wanted a new life experience and to show our children that the world is open to them.

So we let go of the apartment we had in Spain, as the lease ended and placed a few boxes at a friend´s house. Planning to arrive back on Mallorca in September.

After 68 days in the states, we spent the summer in Sweden and when it was time to go back to Mallorca, before the kids started school there, we did not really tell people around us that we did not yet have a place to stay on the island. Afraid to stress everyone else and to look too irresponsible, we kept that stress to ourselves to be able to cope with the situation.

And why I mentioned being irresponsible is that we, I, often can feel guilty if I don´t act according to other people´s expectations of me; that I have everything in order and that I am in top of everything… And it kick-starts my own judgment and I start questioning my own choices and actions.

"But what happens if you never take chances, if you never leave your comfort zone? Sometimes you have to take leaps of faith and take a big, big scope of courage to pull it through…"

We left Sweden in our blue little car, the only thing that really was ours… With no place to stay on Mallorca we drove through Europe with anxiety mixed with hope and at the same time we enjoyed being on the road and every night we spent on a hotel gave us a sense of security.

We focused on being in the moment and not think too long ahead. We opened ourselves intentionally to be kept safe and that our needs would be taken well cared of.

It´s interesting that in chaotic situations our needs instead of desires become priority.

It would be easy to write down everything you want, what you desire in that moment, but when you look through your list it all comes down to; food, warmth, water and shelter. 

I would say that our fear of being homeless birthed the awakening of a true heart of courage.

To be able to handle it on our own and cope with the guilt, we visualized and prayed for a solutions and we took action. 2 nights before we arrived we contacted someone we knew that might have room. And the same day we arrived on the island we drove out and the person had a little camping tent in the garden, where we could stay in directly.

A need was taken cared of and as we laid all four in a row, listening to sheep and bells in the tent, we could actually relax and fall asleep with a smile…

For some that would absolutely be a no-go, but after spending 68 days in the states living in an 8-seats mini van, making breakfast and dinner on open fire every day, everything suddenly seems easier and possible…

We spent ca 40 days in the tent through storms, thunder, rain and sunny weather… Except for a few nights indoor, before we found accommodation.

"We are in an era where ways of self empowerment help us to make positive changes in our lives… Challenges empower, let it help you change your point of view…"

So how can we change point of view in chaotic situations and see life from a different perspective…?

If we did not have that life challenging experience maybe we would not grow and not see life from a different perspective, blocking opportunities to rise. We proved to ourselves that staying calm in the eye of the storm and having faith in that our needs would be taken cared of, helped us out; we got empowered…

Why did you not just take into a hotel or ask your friends…? Well, what you spend on a hotel room there for a week was our budget for a month´s rent. And the feeling of failure, not being able to solve the solution before hand, held us back from asking friends for help when in need.

We are in an era where ways of self empowerment help us to make positive changes in our lives… Challenges empower, let it help you change your point of view…

If my writing can inspire you to make a difference for the good of all, for you to expand your life experience, well that´s enough for me.

I am taking action, I am the change, I am in the middle of the creative mist and it has just started and I will not wait any longer…

To read my last blog post you find it here; DAY 3 Are we living as we teach?

Until next time;

For the love of life and our creative potential!

"Where there are challenges, there are always possibilities."

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