Did you know? My newest Ebook is soon to come …

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Did you know?
My newest Ebook is soon to come ...

Hey there!

2018 me and my family, went on the most unexpected and amazing trip. I have now turned this trip into an exciting book, called:

"A 63-day Family Roadtrip in the USA: Let 'Courage' light your 'Spark' within”!

In a few weeks, the 20th of October to be exact, this, my newest book will be released as an eBook, in both English and Swedish and I am super excited!

Until its time to celebrate and a few days after I will share pictures and short daily videos of me talking about the content, for example; WHY I wrote this book, WHY we did this amazing and unexpected 63 day roadtrip as a family and WHY I have chosen to include a lot of photographs and so much more …

And yes, there will be a contest with free copies involved …!

But today I just want to show you the cover, because this book / this roadtrip means a lot to me … It really changed the way me and my husband look at and embrace life.

The picture in the cover is taken a few days after our arrival. By then we were fully unaware of what a mind-blowing adventure that was about to take place. Our only promise to ourselves, on this trip, was to stay fully open to “our intuition and new amazing experiences …”.

Hope you will like it.

"Let courage light your spark within!"

For the love of life and our ability to create our own reality,
Stay tuned!

Be ”Sporadious” on your Adventure: Let your (Spontaneous), (Curious) & (Courageous) Awareness always lead the way!

"Where there are challenges, there are always possibilities!"

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