DAY 2. Do we have a choice?

Journaling, day 2.

Do we have a choice?

Break free from letting fears be your guiding star.

Hey there!

So I keep on writing to be in the creative and transformative state... I started thinking about why it is so easy to be guided by fear... For me it started with viewing my belongings… Thinking I was unable to make small, yet big decisions to break free… Belongings can become clutter and as logically viewed; decisions not yet taken.


As I signed the papers to sell our apartment, before making our previous move to Mallorca, the feeling of freedom rose. It is far to easy to let fear be the guiding star, making us paralyzed from moving forward… And as I mentioned in my last blog post; DAY 1. What are we waiting for?, now is the perfect time to know the "HOW TO", how to to move forward, empowered. As I, among many, are waking up from our ”sleep”. We become aware, conscious, that we have a free will and that we have a choice. We always do.

"We can all have that experience in life that something helps us create or pushes us forward, to release ourselves from the fear and actually making the choice to commit to our own greatness."

So what is blocking us from making a choice; what do we fear the most? What are we afraid of loosing or missing out on?

"If you want someone to choose, this implies you have already decided. If you want them to decide, you probably want them to identify their own set of alternatives."

When helping out to decide for others, I sometimes think I have a natural gift… Because not being attached to the situation often gives a greater perspective. But is that right to help make decisions for others? Helping them miss out of an opportunity to learn and grow themselves.

What I mean is; we grow by coming to a conclusion, seeing the possibility and making the choice ourselves.

When it comes to myself it gets harder… I can spot an opportunity, a possibilities, but still I am afraid of making the wrong choice. And the hardest part is; when I don't make a choice; in fact I then made the choice to not make a choice.

So why are we often driven by fear, when it comes to making choices. At least I have been… First of all we have to acknowledge that we have a choice and a free will. Because if we don't have a choice or free will, what will that make of us.

I saw the movie about Mary Shelly the author of Frankenstein. She lived in a time where men got published and woman were secretly hiding behind other names and never got the acknowledgment that they deserved. But her determination and love for telling a story and the tremendous pain that she felt by loosing a child, together with the bodily experiments of the era became the powerful ingredients…

Her fear of not standing up for herself in the beginning, not believing in herself but comparing with others held her back until it was no longer possible…

"I have compared myself all my life, afraid of being rejected, but this is it... I choose MY greatness. Despite what that would look like compared to others. That is no longer important or no longer my focus..."

We can all have that experience in life that something creates or pushes us forward, to release ourselves from the fear and actually making the choice to commit to our own greatness…

To believe that you are worth more than someone else, creates an awkward feeling inside. I definitely believe that we have come together on this planet to evolve and connect to help each other.

So what are we still doing? Why do we push ourselves by comparing, judging, thinking we miss out, glorifying someone else, thinking we can´t accomplish the same…

Once again I am letting the words color my paper as they come. I am a visionary by heart and want to use and transform that energy, to create a positive impact in this world... So, how can I and how can we all? 

If we are all one, connected, where is the fear in that? Is it the unknown we fear, or do we fear our own reactions on what we would experience then? What if we are all perfection, blissful, peaceful and joyful...?

I believe we create our own reality and if we then open up to everyone being perfect, blissful, joyful and at peace. What world would we then create?

We are born into a world with set rules, to wake up and see that it´s just a creation, someone´s idea of a functional world. Maybe we need the hardship to tell the difference. And that our challenges are here to either help us make new choices that helps us grow or life gives us experiences that are here to help us move into a desirable direction.

Well, who knows… All we can do is speculate… If we all have an inner desire, an inner voice that is guiding us… Why do we so often listen outwards… And compare… What if we choose to stay true to ourselves… Would that not help us through difficulties, through challenges without judging, without resentment…

When I was young I was easily inspired, often following my heart and fascinated by stormy weather I could go outside and gaze into the distant horizon when the thunder roared and watch the lightning create amazing formations across the dark sky.

That fascination and curiosity about life has often been my guiding star and helped me make decision to go against my fears and step right through them.

"You have free will and you have a choice. You are perfection, bliss, joy and peace… Don't ever let anyone ever tell you differently!"

So, how would it be if we did not focus on getting anything in return, when we give. Because if fear is missing out of, or that any results from our choices wouldn´t benefit us. Maybe then, maybe then we would be guided by unconditional love...  

Sometimes our situation; stressed by work, barely making any money or whatever it is that keep you stuck thinking you don't have a choice, can leave you paralyzed from taking action.

Well, you always, always have a choice, I bet you have not reviewed your options or looked from a different angle.

You have free will and you have a choice. You are perfection, bliss, joy and peace… Don't ever let anyone ever tell you differently!

If my writing can inspire you to make a difference for the good of all, for you to expand your life experience, well that´s enough for me.

I am taking action, I am the change, I am in the middle of the creative mist and it has just started and I will not wait any longer…

To read my last blog post you find it here; DAY 1. What are we waiting for?

Until next time;

For the love of life and our creative potential!

"Where there are challenges, there are always possibilities."

2 thoughts on “DAY 2. Do we have a choice?

  1. I love reading both of your posts! It brings me peace and comfort. I’m so happy that we met. Hope you are all doing well. Where are you living now? Both of your writing shows a lot of similar topics of unschooling to me and how to live life without forcing school on them.

    1. Hi Kira! Many thanks! Us too. Yes, it´s all about possibilities and the feeling of what free will and choice can give; creative freedom… All the best! Kristina

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