Book review

"Hi Kristina,
I so loved the book! I wanted it to keep going on!
It took me getting sick to slow down enough to find the time to read it though. I do not like being sick but I am sure glad I took time to read the book. It made my day!

You put a lot of what I feel into words that make sense and give clarity. I love the simple steps to be able to transform myself or reconnect with my inner being once again!

This year has been a challenging year for us in so many ways. It has been a growing year for sure! Sometimes just realizing who you are is enough, it is a liberating feeling!

So glad the universe had our paths cross! So glad technology gives us a way to stay connected!"
- Love and Light, Shelly

"Be Vulnerable to be Available",

My story

I am a whole-hearted & courageous life explorer and visionary,  with an absolute amazing love for life. Around 40 my awakening came. By experiencing a brain stress I got my eye opener for making a decision that would transform mine and my family´s life. This book takes you on my transformational journey, both emotionally and geographically, from a hopeless to an empowered state. Going from a long sick leave, due to brain stress, to changing career, selling our home and opening up for a new adventure; moving abroad.

I wrote this book to review my patterns, remember my experience and as an inspiration for you, who feel stuck in life, who don't see that you have a choice to break free, or know how to start to change your direction of life. It´s based on my own experiences and inspirational insights I have crossed on my path, which have helped me to make an honest self-scan while letting go, transforming and opening up for new things to enter my life.

I believe the future is all about coming together, to moving forward empowered.
In this group we will focus on planting a seed for our own; yours and mine, personal growth and transformation. Just by doing so we can inspire others to do the same.

By us raising our energy, meeting our fears, letting go of our false facade, following our positive desires, and taking hands-on-action, we create waves of positive influence. And together we make the world a better place. I can, you can!

Be ”Sporadious” on your Adventure; let your (Spontaneous), (Curious) and (Courageous) awareness always lead the way!  

signatur Kristina
"Our greatest source of joy is to unite with what we love - so open up to your highest potential!"

About Kristina

- My name is Kristina, I am a wholehearted and couragous visionary with an amazing love for life and our potential. Together, with my husband Richard, I co-create for spiritual and personal development via BringYourSoul. 

“We are passionate about living a conscious life, expanding beyond our self-made limiting beliefs, making empowering real life transformations, as we have made ourselves. Helping people realize that they have all that they need inside themselves. If we dare to go past our comfort zone and trust that we are well taken care of we have the possibility to reach any goal and live a successful life.”  

I believe our biggest problems lie in the way we engage with resistance and that we don´t know how to open up for possibilities where there are challenges.

  • How can we move forward when we are stuck in our past?
  • How can we be great if we constantly think we are not?

We create our own reality.

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