"Step into the flow of life."

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"Our greatest source of joy is to unite with what we love - so make your home work in service of your passion!"
The first thing you need is to 
Make the Energy Flow.

Kristina Lindström

My name is Kristina and I feel inspired to be able to help people unite and reconnect, both physically, mentally and foremost emotionally via their environment. 

Your space is the heart; your nourishing oasis. Making your home, garden or office work for you in service of your passion can be an exciting and yet demanding process. Are you connected or disconnected to your environment? Do you surround yourself with symbols that act as emotional reflections and reminders, of your true potential and capacity within? 

Did you know that nature pulsates with energy. 
And abundant energy is not something that we have to create or make. 
It is always there, wanting to flow, waiting for us to tap in, 
wanting to express itself as clarity, vitality and balance.

The first thing you need is to "Make the Energy Flow".

Is it time to be inspired and welcome positive change?

The Basic Concept

Ask yourself the question; - What do I want and where am I heading from where I am, and feel today?

- What do I want, and how does that make me feel thinking about having it? What is my heart´s desire?

By acknowledging this you start to attract and stepping into your flow. Physically, all of us are composed entirely of energy; molecules, atoms and an array of sub atomic particles all moving in dynamic and structured patterns. Everything within and outside us is energy and each one of us goes beyond the immediate physical being and is a part of one great universal energy field.

With the introduction of quantum physics, scientists have come to acknowledge what metaphysical and spiritual teachers had known for hundreds of years – that the fabric of the universe is not solid matter but a type of force that can be called energy.

Acknowledge your power to choose how to feel, so you can live your life with intent and to the fullest.
So how are the things you surround yourself with making you feel? Confused or clear-minded?

The Process of Opening up the Flow

- Where are you heading in life?

Feng Shui is an ancient teaching based on the forces of nature and the movement of the sun.

Chi, life energy, is one of the most important components of Feng Shui. Chi is the essence of life; it animates everything and is the driving force of all existence. Through Feng Shui you can determine the best flow of chi.

Let me, as a professionally trained Feng Shui consultant, guide you to identify energy blockages and the benefits of having your environment reflecting your heart´s desire; your goals and vision in life. Unleash the power, the life energy, in your space and within.

So you can experience the true benefits of open up to the flow; - Living a successful life expressing your true potential.


When you make your home work in service of your passion it brings out clarity, balance and joy. Life seems easy, your decisions are made quickly, you know exactly where you are going and you are in a more loving, receiving and giving state.

"Your space is the heart; your nourishing oasis.”

The many benefits of

Having an Inspirational Environment

Opening up to and raising my energy level.

You never know how great you can feel until you open up.

Stronger intuition.

A grateful state of being occurs when the sense of freedom appears.

Becoming aware of my emotions.

Finding your way back to that inner resource that knows what is best for you.

Feeling empowered and in more flow with life.

You will experience a more balanced and vital sense of being.

Gaining more clarity.

From clarity life seems easier and you are able to make healthy choices.

Re-connecting to my heart´s desire.

Connecting to the divine creativity; my heart´s desire; my passion in life.

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”Be a river, not a swamp. 
No matter how clean your environment is, 
the freshness is in the flow of Chi; life energy.”

Kristina Lindström

"My warmest recommendations"

We are really thankful to ”BringYourSoul”
 because you introduced us in this amazing experience "Feng Shui”!

The consultation was very professional and we are more than happy to apply all your suggestions and advice, 
which you explained to us practically, precisely and graphically; taking in mind all our needs in order to 
have the possibility to achieve our goals, as well as personal, professional and family field.  

Your great job also gave us the opportunity to learn how the energy can flow better in our home and how we can boost it.

/Cynthia & Nils, Mallorca 

Thank you for everything!

”Kristina has given us new perspective on how we see the school and over the long term will contribute to many powerful changes."

/Lowri Millar, Baleares International College, Mallorca 

signatur Kristina

Would love an INTRODUCTION!

Let´s take a look at your flow!

  • 1 consultation on site. (You take your own notes).
  • 1 Q & A, via email, regarding possible re-adjustment of my suggestions.

€ 247

Your Flow

VISUAL suggestions, yes please!

Time to be inspired and welcome positive change!

  • 1 pre-visit.
  • 1 consultation on site.
  • Affirmation for all life aspects.
  • Visual suggestions (within 2 weeks time.)
  • 1 month of 3 Q & A, via email, regarding possible re-adjustment of my suggestions.

In need of that extra visual presentation? Well, then this package is for you... Let the creative pictures be your inspirational guide to summarize your consultation.

€ 479

VISUAL  suggestion

VISUAL & WRITTEN - Absolutely!

Let´s do a full space make over!

  • 1 pre-visit.
  • 1 consultation on site.
  • Personalized affirmation for all life aspects.
  • Visual suggestions.
  • Written suggestions.

(within 2-3 weeks time.)

  • 1 re-visit. 
  • 1 month á 4 Q & A, via email, regarding possible re-adjustment of my suggestions.

In need of clearing more than ones? - Let´s be honest...
Don´t we all... Split the time and get into the process of continuation.

€ 747


More freedom, Awesome!
Online - Package

Get into the flow via Skype... Absolutely!

  • 1 consultation via Skype.
  • 1 Q & A, via email, regarding possible re-adjustment of my suggestions.
  • How does the process of doing Feng Shui online work?
  1. Take some snapshots of the chosen space.
  2. Sketch a floor plan (does not have to be precise) and take a photo too.
  3. Fill out an “element test”…
  4. Send me an Email with all the info and we set a time to Skype.

€ 177

via Skype

Based on the beautiful island of Mallorca
 I conduct my consultations in Swedish and English.

For requests I am available on site, Mallorca, and also via Skype outside the island.

”Let´s explore together, join now!”

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