Great by action.

Online Group Program

In the planning stage ...

Take this 8-weeks Life Adventure to stand in and act from your greatness aligned with your higher potential by taking hands-on-action.

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I believe the future is all about coming together, to moving forward empowered. In this group we will focus on our own; yours and mine, personal growth and transformation. Just by doing so we can inspire others to do the same.
By us raising our energy, meeting our fears, letting go of our false facade, following our positive desires, and taking hands-on-action, we create waves of positive influence. And together we make the world a better place. I can, you can!

This self-empowering program is based on a 4-weeks online course I have held; "How great can life get? Try!", which I have developed further, for a bigger transformation. The comments below is from that course.

"Short videos, inspirational and simple exercises that do not feel "hard" but that actually give effect. The course is easy to take in, inspiring and rewarding. Kristina spreads her exuberant energy and instills confidence - life can actually be as good as one would like!"

- Therese, Sweden

"A source of energy, inspiration and motivation! The best course in a long time! In such a short time you accomplished so much! Fantastic!"

- Sara, Sweden

"If you want inspiration, concrete tips and a present coach, choose this course. It is refreshing and warm and you feel selected and special."

- Josefin, Sweden

Course Content



A closed group for giving and receiving of great value and support. You are important. We share and learn from each other. We build relationships for personal growth.


Two Co-working opportunities

3 h x 2 working side-by-side on Zoom for inspiration and greater support.


Work Sheets

To be able to check in, keep track and allow yourself to fully focus on the practice without forgetting useful info and insights.


8 Weekly Video Lessons

Sit back and relax, pause, rewind and re-view. Start every week with 1 inspirational video about the weekly topics, to kick-start your action-taking.


Guided Exercises & Meditations

Short exercises, guided by me and Richard, for expanding your practice and experiencing and welcoming the transformation more fully.


Weekly Live Meetings

CONTACT ONCE A WEEK online via Zoom, (a free online tool for meetings) with the current group for updates, ideas, questions and to practice in group.

Enroll Now! 2970 SEK (inc. Vat)

(inc. Vat (ca 297 euro inc. Vat)
"Our greatest source of joy is to unite with what we love - so open up to your highest potential!"

About Kristina

- My name is Kristina, I am a wholehearted and couragous visionary with an amazing love for life and our potential. Together, with my husband Richard, I co-create for spiritual and personal development via BringYourSoul. 

“We are passionate about living a conscious life, expanding beyond our self-made limiting beliefs, making empowering real life transformations, as we have made ourselves. Helping people realize that they have all that they need inside themselves. If we dare to go past our comfort zone and trust that we are well taken care of we have the possibility to reach any goal and live a successful life.”  

I believe our biggest problems lie in the way we engage with resistance and that we don´t know how to open up for possibilities where there are challenges.

  • How can we move forward when we are stuck in our past?
  • How can we be great if we constantly think we are not?

We create our own reality.

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