How does your home make you feel?

How does your home

make you feel?

Are you Empowered by your home environment

or do you feel Drained?

Your environment is a reflection of your state of mind. When the energy is interrupted it creates imbalance. In nature there are invisible forces/laws that holds everything together; to restore and create harmony and balance. Everything is in constant change.

It ́s like nature is tuned in, with the flow of life, while ”making” powerful choices. Why are we not always tuned in and acting the same?

Do you experience lack of direction or lack of power? Are your limiting beliefs holding you back from making powerful choices? Do you feel stuck in life?

Do you ask yourself; how can I feel more aligned with myself; vibrant and change the direction of my life? Well, let me tell you this...

When you clear your clutter you clear your mind

After a mayor clutter clearing during 2015 and 2016 we, me, my husband and two children, sold our home, our furnitures and moved to the beautiful island of Mallorca. With only a few bags to carry we aimed for more freedom, the freedom to choose what to do with our own time and to follow our hearts.

A few years earlier I experienced brain stress due to high pressure at my current job and the inability to say no. I wanted to please and to be a high working, inspiring and enthusiastic colleague to count upon.

I had not yet started to clear my physical clutter at that time, but my emotional and mental clutter was overloaded. Where I against my better knowing kept on putting, squeezing more in to please... I felt I had no own choice to stop the wheel from spinning faster and faster. Every day I prayed that I would collapse so that everything would just stop, and so I did...

I recently read an article by Bronnie Ware, a palliative care nurse, who had worked with people in their last stage before dying. When questioned about any regrets they had or anything they would do differently, common themes surfaced again and again.

Among the top themes were; ”I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. I wish I hadn ́t worked so hard. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings. I wish that I had let myself be happier.”

Life is movement. And the only thing we can be certain of is that everything is in constant change. Do you have the courage to change, to go with the flow and live a life true to yourself? How can you break free and create the best possible environment for you to flourish in? And will you do it now or do it later?

”Everything is energy and that ́s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics” Albert Einstein
So why is an empowering home environment, in which you can flourish, sometimes difficult to achieve and maintain? Why is it so easy to buy, collect but sometimes so hard to let go?

When you are born, you arrive with no physical belongings and when it is time to move on you leave the same. So why would life in between be filled with things that may be preventing you from enjoying life? The fascinating part lies in the energetic connection between your inner and outer space; your mind and your environment.

So to create harmony & balance, which I believe is the foundation of a joyful life, you have to start breaking free from limiting beliefs and fears; by letting go.
When you are making open space, by letting go, you cut the energetic cord to the items that no longer serves you or give you joy and you raise your energy level and open up for new possibilities to enter your life.

When things accumulate; become cluttered, it makes the energy stagnate. It creates a disorganized and unbalanced environment with increased stress and a lowered personal performance. Your beliefs about your own capacity, your potential, becomes limiting.

As it all competes for your attention it ́s making it harder for you to focus. The affect is a feeling of being stuck in life, having a hard time moving forward and finishing what you start. The clutter becomes emotional attachment which can be limiting and later on dictating your choices.

Maybe you are daydreaming, wondering of in your thoughts, and wishing, like I did, that you had the freedom to choose; to make powerful choices that would transform your situation. The freedom to choose what to do with your own time.

”The body is internally associated with the mind; rather, the body is a counterpart of the mind; it is a gross visible form of the subtle, invisible mind. Every change in thought makes a vibration in your mental body and this, when transmitted to the physical body, causes activity in the nervous matter of your brains. This activity in the nervous cells causes many electrical and chemical changes in

them. It is thought activity which causes this changes.

When the mind is turned to a particular thought and dwells on it, a definite vibration of matter is set up and often, more of this vibration is caused, the more does it tend to repeat itself, to become a habit, to become automatic. The body follows the mind and imitates its changes.” - Swami Sivananda Thought Power

When becoming aware of your thoughts and emotions, you can understand what kind of energy that is in motion (e-motion) so you can let go and vibrate higher.

Clearing my own clutter...

During a longer period me and my husband, felt stuck in life and there were so many things we would like to achieve and foremost do differently. Somehow we already knew we had to start by letting things go in order for our environment to empower us. So we could find the courage to make powerful choices to move forward and change the direction of our lives.

We started small and then we got brave and headed for the attic. When we emptied our ”small” attic, with things we did not use or really wanted to keep, we could actually refurbish a one bedroom apartment. 

Can you imagine? The energy, holding us back, from things that we kept but did not use? 

Clutter can be both mentally, physically and emotionally. 

For me, when letting go, my emotional clutter was the hardest, as everything suddenly seemed to have a certain un-replaceable value to me.

When my husband and co-creator, who is very artistic person, was sorting through his pencils, colors, material and papers, it brought back many memories.

Memories from when he was living and studying in the states and amazing paintings he had done and so on… And suddenly he felt an urge to start doing aquarelle that he hadn´t done for a while… So many hidden memories and emotions… A small shelf took us a whole day to clear and let go. As we took the time to view the items and allowed emotions to be expressed and acknowledge.

As the clearing took of, so did the ease of letting go. And things for some reason lost their value as our courage grew stronger. Our sense of freedom became more and more real. And suddenly the home gave us the space and yet the grounding we needed to take of…

It all comes down to; transform your limiting beliefs, open up and connect to your passion in life; your inner potential; so you can make powerful choices and change the direction of your life.

If I would to have followed my first fears of changing I would have stopped and just stayed put. But I now know I have all the capacity I need within myself and so do you. I just needed a kickstart to let go and open up my space and myself.

"You cannot continue without transforming your patterns, your habits, if you are looking for change. But small steps can make big changes…"

When you start reaching you start growing. - So take some kick starting steps today to transform your life!

15 minutes a day and you will lit that spark of yours! And don´t you forget to open the windows to let new, fresh and vibrant energy enter your space...

15 Minute Cleanups are a great way to maintain a home in between more thorough cleanings.

Look for: 

  • Trash.
  • Things that don't belong in the room.
  • Things that belong in the room, but in a different place.

To make it easy bring 3 bags; a bag for trash, one for transit (to another room). I also bring one to collect things that needs a different place in the room, so I can start by creating free space, and then place it out.

You can do this!

MONDAY - bathroom

Lets´be honest... Maybe to many things that you do not use or has expired... 

Quickly organize and wipe down bathroom surfaces.

TUESDAY - papers/office/post

Wow! Paper, paper and paper.. Some how our lives are filled with paper, but only if we let it... Why not scan and keep it filed on the computer? I scan most of my things and only have a little bunch of physical papers... Really helps me...

WEDNESDAY - bedroom

The place where you rest and detach yourself from things and thoughts that bring stress. Lift things up from the floor and surround yourself with cosy blankets and pillows... 

THURSDAY - kitchen

Can you actually see what you have in the cupboards or do you keep on buying things you already have?

Time to remove unwanted items, and start to use an be creative with what you already have. Maybe you come up with a new favorite dish, or start using items that suddenly pops to the surface when you have successfully "removed the woods for the view"...

FRIDAY - hallway

This is the way for the beautiful, new and fresh energy to enter your home. Make sure you keep this space open and de-cluttered for your and your space´s own wellness... Yeah!

SATURDAY - living room

Who is using this room? Get it ready for guests, or relaxed evenings without spending a lot of time on the details... Maybe it´s your favorite room, your nourishing oasis...

SUNDAY - closet

Are the things you keep here really a reflection of the person you are today? If not, maybe its time to let go and welcome the real and amazing you... 

Just take some or organize it a bit... Here you can easily get stuck, with decisions on what to let go off or keep... Some need a whole day... Save the big clean out for a rainy day...

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