I want to step of the wheel and create a new future

Do you want to step of the wheel

and create a new future?

Do you let yourself be guided by

fear or possibilty?

Hey there!

A new phase has arisen. I feel a need to express myself, to explore and inspire others to creation and a better place of well-being, a more loving world.

Sometimes I feel I have a whole life time to explore, and sometimes the journey with all its must, can some times make life feel so short.

Recently my mother passed away and she never got the chance to read my book I wrote, which is soon ready for release. A personal journey with key insights, of my own transformation and move to Mallorca.

Take responsibility for your own actions, not for other people´s feelings or reactions.

For me, creating and achieving things, to make myself, my family and foremost my parents proud, has been a force for many years. Life is so fragile and I have often tried to help, or ”fix” other people and give advise, even if they hadn't asked me to. I now feel I can take responsibility for my own actions, but no longer for other people´s feelings or reactions.

So I allow myself to start from where I am, today, making time for things that really excite me.As I believe we are wired to create whatever we want. So when the morning comes, I jump out of bed, excited about getting started. 

”By setting an intention, and defining ourselves and our reality by a future vision, then we can practice and experience it, in the present moment, the now. Changing the way we feel, act and think.”
So why do I not want to wake up every morning thinking about all the ”problems” that I have? Well, it actually makes me feel sad, upset and worried, all by routine. And in return, it´s making me afraid of acting; making new choices and stepping out of my comfort zone.

I don't want to live by the survival or stress mode, or by fear, I want to live by the belief in creativity and possibilities. I want to step of the wheel and create a new future, where my own will, for more joy and freedom for all, is the creator.

And I don't believe it can be Any Other Way, it must be the law of the Universe, and I want my life to be my message.

Time to once again color my world, make it bright, learn and grow. And today is as good as ever, right...! I choose to go beyond my constant analytical mind, to transform and manifest.

So what are really my longings… I have always wanted to write and illustrate an amazing christmas story, and not to mention, going in the foot steps of adventurous people like Indiana Jones. But first, I know and feel, I want to raise my energy to become more empowered and strong. The higher my energy level,  the more love and joy, the  easier to manifest my longings.

I will explore, try and share my insights. Instead of just talking and thinking about how to transform, I will take action.

I choose to be the change.

”As long as we are unable to transform our mental state into a motivated decision, there will be suffering. A wish that one is unable to actualize leads to this suffering. An aspiration is like a dream. The decision to act turns the dream into a reality. Nothing is impossible if we just apply skillful methods..” - Tulku Lobsand Realizing Change

I see myself as a

Couragous & Whole-Hearted Visionary

By exploring and sharing I wish to bring more clarity of creation and transformation, by sharing my ”how to”. Bringing knowledge and experience together for growth.

I have learnt to not wait until tomorrow, to not go back to the familiar, but welcome change and possibilities, which lie in the unfamiliar; the unknown.

So be greater than your environment and your surroundings.

All you have to decide is; what to do with the time that is given to you.

So peace out, with love for life and the divine creativity!

"Where there are challenges, there are always possibilities."

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