Journaling DAY 5. Can we promise to keep each other safe as we share and grow? ​

Journaling, day 5.

Can we promise to keep each other safe as we share and grow?

Do you block yourself from trying new things, afraid of failure or being vulnerable?

Hey there!

What do I need myself and what do I want you to have? What do you need and what do you want me to have?

If the new world is about coming together to grow, share and inspire, how can we?

For me, my last years have been all about self empowerment and self development, to become strong in my beliefs, decisions and make transformations for new directions. 

To feel safe and yet free, I need to stay true to myself, which means being vulnerable and open to other people. Express my emotions.

Do you know that feeling of having creating something and then when it´s time to let it go, you block yourself…? Maybe you are afraid of failing? Maybe I am afraid of failing...

"How can we ever fail if our intention is for the good of all."

I have just written an Ebook and it has 20 key insights on how I transformed my life from a hopeless state to an empowered one. The book was finished around Christmas last year and then I have just hold on to it and gone through it to correct misstakes…

It´s the first book I have ever written and the story is my own. My thoughts keep spinning, thinking; ”many people don´t know who I am, so why would they want to read it? Why would someone spend money on something I have created…?”

It´s funny how our minds help us to doubt ourselves when we are in need of encouragement and support. My fear of failure could often hold me back, but now there is a strong will and intention, that prevent me from give up and not follow through.

Well, first of all the scenario where I fail does not even exist, it´s only in my head. And if we create our reality with our thoughts and emotions, well then it is time to be courageous and go against my limiting belief pattern.

"To be free I have to believe I am. To feel free I have to create that feeling and bring it to life."

So on the other hand; how can I keep create if that is not the way I earn my living… And why wouldn't they…? What I have to offer can actually be awesome knowledge and of great value for someone…

So who am I to take away that decision from someone else? If I release, then that choice is free to make… And I can take a step back and open up for something new to be created.

To be free to make that choice I have to believe I am. To feel free I have to create that feeling and bring it to life.

It comes directly down to myself and my beliefs about my own worth and if I am good enough.

The book, my transformative state, has many common pain points which I believe resonate with many. So why would I not just release it…?

"Changing the way I act and stepping out of my comfort zone and challenging myself, have certainly lead to me feeling the fear of change but gone ahead and done it anyway."

For me life is now all about being courageous and wholehearted. We all have to start somewhere and I have set my intention to be the change, help to make a difference and make an impact in the world.

What do I need myself and what do I want you to have? Well, I need to face my fears that are blocking me from expressing, inspiring and sharing my experiences and knowledge to the many. For you, I wish you to be able to view possibilities where there are challenges, that you open up to your true needs and positive desires, so you can experience joy, bliss and live a couragous life.

So when you come to that day when it´s time to leave this place, you can say that fear was not an option and you used your free will to make powerful choices. Your experiences and learned lessons were not replaced by the feeling of regret that you never tried, because you were afraid of failing.

To let you know more about who I am, view my video where I read the intro to my new book; ”Want to change direction in life? I made the powerful choice to release for you to enjoy.

If my writing can inspire you to make positive changes in your life and expand your experience, well that´s enough for me.

I am taking action, I am the change, I am in the middle of the creative mist and it has just started and I will not wait any longer…

To read my last blog post you find it here; DAY 4. Are we able to change point of view in chaotic situations? 

Or if you would like to buy my new Ebook you find it here: ”Want to change direction in life?” 

Until next time;

For the love of life and our creative potential!

"Where there are challenges, there are always possibilities."

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