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I have always looked for change, to feel free, explore and flow with life. My natural state is joy and it has often been my guiding star. I love to experience, share & inspire, so we all can live a joyful life.

”I know the road from my home to the train station, I have taken it hundreds of times, but I can ́t seem to get there. I feel like crying and laughing at the same time and my never-ending and guiding joy is long gone. My heart aches, I shiver from anxiety and inside I scream as loud as I can...

I feel I have no own choice to stop the wheel from spinning faster and faster. Every day I pray that I will collapse, so that everything would just stop, and so I did...”

Through most of my life I have always aimed high, with a sense of restlessness without paying attention to my inner voice. I restricted myself from bigger and greater things in life, by listening to my limiting belief towards what I deserve. So what do I actually feel I deserve in life? How can I live a joyful life expressing my true potential?

Sometimes amazing life-changes and opportunities lie in the uncertainty...

signatur Kristina
kristina invid vägg

”In uncertainty lies opportunity”

My Awakening;

Breaking Free From Fears

A few years ago I experienced a mental breakdown due to high pressure in my previous job and the inability to say no. I wanted to please and to be a high working, inspiring and enthusiastic colleague to be counted upon. I had not yet started to clear my physical clutter at that time, but my emotional and mental clutter was overloaded. Against my better knowledge I kept on piling on the stress, squeezing more in to please...

A few months afterwards something in me had changed. My mind tried to reason with me to go back, but as I gave myself time to think and to feel... my heart pointed in a totally different direction...

"We are made of and living within a limitless sea of energy, and the current of our life is in constant change."

When I was blocked my energy was in standby, waiting to flow, from a never ending stream. I surrounded myself with symbols that, inspired me and reminded me to be courageous and that my power and capacity was from within. So I began to let go of what no longer served me or brought me joy.

After a mayor clutter clearing during 2015 and 2016 me, my husband and our two children, sold our home, our furniture and moved to the beautiful Island of Mallorca. With only a few bags to carry we aimed for more freedom, the freedom to grow and to choose what to do with our own time. We followed our hearts desire and we chose us - awake and alive.

When l listen to my inner voice, it is easier to avoid being caught up in other people´s dilemmas or just becoming a part in someone else ́s puzzle. If fear was ever an option I would have stayed put...

"We all follow our life paths unaware or aware and when we find our true calling, our passion in life, it will give us joy, harmony and balance."

The beautiful surroundings and the vital energy of Mallorca helped me open up, to my own personal and spiritual growth. I knew I could not continue without transforming my patterns, my habits, if I was looking for change. I had to live in my own truth...

Like a palm tree I grounded myself; I planted my roots in my nourishing soil, my inner knowledge and my love for life, to expand higher. To be the vehicle through which the creative energy flows I sit in silence, so I am able to hear my own inner voice, which is my guiding light.  I set my intention on what it is that makes my heart sing and open up to my true potential.

After all the changes and obstacles I have faced in life I have now set my life intention to be close to the inner me and listen to my intuition. In my heart I am an explorer and motivator. When I experience, practice and share my gained knowledge I live my life in joy, harmony and balance.

By having experienced loss, pain and the amazing benefits of making powerful changes, breaking free from my limting beliefs and letting go myself, I can guide you as a compassionate, conscious and inspiring co-explorer.

Told from an explorer ́s heart

signatur Kristina

”When we are born we arrive with no physical belongings and when it is time to move on you leave the same way. So why would life in between be filled with things that may be preventing you from enjoying life”

My own Benefits of Breaking Free

told from an explorer ́s heart

When someone tells me... Well, life is not that easy... I often think what do you mean? - Why not, why should life not be easy...?

Life ́s ups and downs are like a mountain to climb, where we all have challenges and lessons to learn. But with a clear mind, I believe, you can handle whatever comes in your way, with more ease and clarity. It is not what happens to you it is how you handle the situation...

When I am faced with a situation that I would love to avoid... I can simply ask myself: - What is it that I could learn from this experience right here, right now? By facing my fears, I go right through them and beyond them. I grow, I expand and I flow with life. That is an amazing feeling...

To follow my faith in life and have the courage to break free from fears and limiting beliefs, I have opened up myself to new possibilities. What I have gained from these experiences felt so clear and tangible. My joy, my long lost guiding star, was once again back inside of me.

 Opening up to and raising my energy level
• Stronger intuition and being able to trust my inner voice
• Feeling empowered and in flow with life
• Gaining more clarity and focus
• Living more consciously and becoming aware of my emotions 
• Being more courageous and taking action
• Being the vehicle for a creative flow while following my heart´s passion

Foremost I opened up to and gained the possibility, which was there waiting for me all along; to live the life I was born to live; 
a joyful life expressing my true potential.

Connect with me for a more blissful life!

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