"One-Minute Matters!"

Richard Lindström

Creator of "The One-Minute-Meditation Project"

Bringing meditation into the school.

"The One-Minute-Meditation Project"

"Meditation is a tool to cultivate a clear, focused and happy mind"

- Tulku Lobsang

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I believe that, ”One Minute Matters”!


- To be able to calm down, get centered and clear, is one of the most beneficial thing we as humans can learn. We all get stressed from time to time and if we know and remember that; ”One Minute Matters” it can make a huge difference in our lives. 

Instead of pushing, on and on, we can sit in stillness and breath for a minute. This makes us re-connect with ourselves and we let go of our problem for a bit. After just a minute we often find that we can view the situation from a new perspective and address our problem in a much calmer and more focused way.

- When we get into the habit of ”Taking a Minute” we will see that our intuition gets sharper and we receive a solution rather than figuring one out.

This is why I believe all children shall be given the opportunity to learn this from an early age in school. 

Richard Lindström

Coach & Meditation Teacher

Inspiring comments from schools in progress

”Over the last year I have seen huge benefits to our pupils and staff from the one minute meditation project.
It has become a tool that all can use as part of their day at school and life at home.

Often prospective parents have viewed our meditation video about the project before they come to visit our schools.
Sometimes it is the reason they visit our school.

We look forward to continuing this work in our school and developing it even further."
- Lowri Millar

"The students and staff at Britannica have really enjoyed and benefitted from taking part in the One Minute Meditation project. The training we received from Richard was very well received and we have successfully implemented the programme across the school. 

We have adopted a phased approach focusing on fully integrating into Primary and gradually introducing into Secondary via key Stage three. It provides a clear and calm way for students to focus their minds before beginning the learning process. We look forward to building it into our curriculum plan for future years."
- Neil McGarry

Here you can view the movie I made about the project at BIC, Sant Agusti Campus and the free webinar I recently held about the whole project,enjoy!

The Implementing Process

I have created a one-year sustainable solution to integration meditation into your school. It is easy and effective. It will benefit your teachers, students and their parents. Further on your school as a whole will have great benefits from this new undertaking.

Support teachers: To be able to coach and work with the school through out the year I need a group of  teachers from your school that will act as "support teachers" on site. I will have monthly coaching session with them throughout the year, to make sure the project is running smoothly and adress different situations that might arise. 

You will receive;

5 TOOLS/EXERCISE that will benefit both children and staff.

VIDEOS to complement the implementation of the exercises.

WORKSHOPS on site for the teachers.

MONTHLY CONTACT and updates with your ”support teachers” online.

Further more I offer;

5 WEEKS online course for parents throughout the year so they can start practicing themselves.

and hereby creating an inspiring & appealing concept to build upon the image of your school for the future.

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”Children are more focused, calm and concentrated after we have taken part in a meditation session.
Children want to lead the sessions, showing teachers that they are passionate about the initiative!
Teachers are starting to feel the benefits of the meditation on classroom atmosphere, children are more enthused to learn after in a calm and relaxed environment.

- Megan Lawson, Support Team, Britannica International School, Budapest 

"The one minute meditation project has been of real value to school life at Britannica and has helped to provide a moment of calmness and clarity in what often is a busy day for staff and students alike. As a teacher I have been really impressed with the way that my Year 8 tutor group have taken ownership of this activity. They now actively request the sessions if they think I am going to forget.”

- Shane Egglestone, Support Team, Britannica International School, Budapest 

"I think meditation is a good thing because it helps me to have a good start to the day."

- Jazmin, Year 8, Britannica International School, Budapest 

"What I love about the 1 minute meditations is that no matter how busy the day is, the 1 minute meditations allow the children and I to pause for moments of calmness, gratitude, mindfulness and peace. These moments have provided the children with much happiness, as well as developing self awareness, trust and empowering them to take control of their emotions both inside & outside the classroom."

- Jessica Jackson, Support Team, BIC Sant Agusti Campus, Mallorca 

"The Reception class children are really embracing ' taking a minute' here at BIC.  We are in a good routine and the children know that after a busy morning break and a long lunch time break, we come to the classroom, have a drink and then just stop and concentrate on our breathing for a minute.

The children have come to enjoy the stillness and quietness of the moment and can focus their attention on just their breathing.

As teachers we join in too, taking a break from the busy school schedule, we ' take the minute' and then re focus for the nest session. We find that it creates a calm atmosphere for everyone and gets everyone ready to move on with a clear and calm mind."

- Yvonne, Support Team, BIC Sa Porassa Campus, Mallorca

”Students and teachers connect, it´s not only the basic subjects like math, science and PE, there is something different… to connect with themselves and each other… a more holistic way to see the children as mind, body and soul… we are giving the children a really powerful tool to move forward in their lives.”

- Teachers at BIC, Sant Agusti Campus, Mallorca

The many benefits of

"The One-Minute-Meditation Project"

creating sustainable transformation, while being easy & effective

promoting a relaxed study environment 

cultivating focused, clear & happy minds

developing compassion & generosity 

feeling supported & strengthening community spirit

sharing and inspiring togetherness

Inspiring comments from the release of the video

"An inspiring project and great film! Looking forward to seeing more."

"Wonderful and much needed initiative!"

"Wonderful! We should all be doing this. Well done you guys."

"All schools should be doing this."

"An amazing initiative ! A refreshing move forward. Hope to see Sa Porrasa BIC implement this soon too!"

"What a wonderful initiative and a lovely inspiring film to watch too. Fantastic!"

"This is absolutely fantastic!! Thank you so much for this wonderful initiative!!"

"Congratulations! That's amazing...."

"Great job!!!! Congratulations!!!!"

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For clarity, focus & happiness in every day life!

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