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New digital Course for Parents

Next Start Up spring 2020

What is the "One-Minute Matters!" digital course?

The ”One-Minute Matters!” digital course is an online course that will help you connect deeper with yourself, other people and life itself. It is designed to walk you through the steps to a more mindful way of living. I will be with you and support you on your way via weekly meetings online.
Meditation is a way to cultivate a clear, focused and happy mind.

Why do you need to take this course?

Are you looking for ways to become a more conscious and better listener; to connect more easily on a deeper level with your family and to open up for more stillness, silence and spaciousness inside yourself then this course is for you.  

“Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.”

― David W. Augsburger

"What a difference “One-minute matters” course can make! I felt the immediate results during the first week only that affected my everyday life at home and at work place in a very positive way. It takes few minutes per day  to turn attention to yourself, your soul and body. Daily lessons, short videos shared by Richard are very comprehensive, user friendly tool walking you step by step through the course.  It’s an inspiration in various contexts, highly recommendable course."

― Gordana, participating parent, Budapest

"One Minute Matter!"s allowed me to look within myself and become positive and aware of who I am. It gave me the key to understanding how to be fully present in my child’s life, ENJOYING THE PRESENT MOMENT.

I believe what Richard is offering us is a precious resource for our children. THANKS RICHARD!!!"

― Patrizia, participating parent, Mallorca

My name is Richard and I am passionate about meditation! During the last 12 years I have focused on personal & spiritual development.

I have made a fantastic shift in the way I think, feel and act, and meditation has been a big part of it.

When it comes to meditation it is not about, "how great it should be every time", more about HOW much time I spend on doing it and that I follow through. In the end that is what´s going to bring lasting change.

Now it is your turn.

During "One-Minute Matters!" I’ll guide you via;


35 DAILY INSPIRATIONAL VIDEOS with challenges (a total of ca 5 hours content.)


WORK SHEET in pdf format for reflection and to answer questions.

CONTACT ONCE A WEEK online with the current group for updates, questions and to practice in group.

The Process & Benefits

You will experience how ”Taking a Minute” will enhance your own self-awareness, help you relax and find stillness within, and feel more comfortable with yourself. The benefits of meditation go way beyond what has been mentioned here.

I believe that when practiced regularly, meditation will bring clarity, focus and happiness

We will go through the basics of meditation and how to start receiving the nourishing benefits of stillness and silence within. 

You will experience how ”What´s Happening Now” brings more awareness and opens up for you to take a step into the present moment where you are able to pay closer attention to what life actually offers.

You will enhance your ability to stay aware in the present moment and to experience the beauty of life. 

I believe that this practice is an amazing way to get connected to the present moment and the flow of life. We will go through the shift of how to become an observer from being caught up in your thoughts and emotions.

You will experience how ”Compassionate Listening” and speaking will open up for a closer connection with yourself, your partner and children.

You will become more aware of how you speak and how you listen.

I believe that this practice is one of the most important and life changing way of acting and being.

We will go through four valuable points on how to create a positive effect when you speak.

You will experience how ”Happiness Marbles” brings more awareness and opens up for the happiness we all have inside.

You will enhance your ability to connect to happiness in the present moment and to experience how it is abundant. 

I believe that when we are able to be flexible and flow with the changing current of life we feel more content and happy.

We will go through the steps of this easy but effective meditation practice.

You will experience how ”Reflection” brings more of a sense of completion to your life.

Reflection is a way to wrap up your day, to see more clearly what brings positive and negative effects into your life.

When you reflect on a specific situation that happened it can bring clarity and understanding.

I love reflecting at the end of the day and really feel gratitude over the many small and big things and circumstances that has been given to during the day.

Here is the free webinar I held about ”The One-Minute-Meditation Project” that is being integrated into the schools.


Here is the movie I made about ”The One-Minute-Meditation Project” that we started at BIC in Sant Agusti, Mallorca, which will give you an insight and feel for the project.


"The Adventure is happening right now...

So use this precious moment to live your life to the fullest.”

For more info about me, please visit bringyoursoul.se
or contact me directly at richard@bringyoursoul.se 

Looking forward to working with you!

For Clarity, Focus & Happiness,

signatur Richard