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- My name is Richard and I am passionate about meditation. During the last 12 years I have focused on personal & spiritual development.

I found meditation just when I needed it the most. For a long time I did not like to meditate; it was frustrating and boring. I did not feel that I was getting anywhere. I fell asleep half the time and was frustrated the other half. Eventually all of this turned around and I felt more and more peace within. 

I have made a fantastic shift in the way I think, feel and act, and meditation has been a big part of it.

"I meditate to become natural, without it I am a wreck."

Searching for happiness...

Isn't it funny how we search and search for happiness! We try everything to get a hold of it and it keeps slipping away, doesn't it?

Why is that? Well, everything we do in life is to seek pleasure. We all want to feel better and we don't want to suffer; we want to be happy. We are constantly searching for pleasure, fun and excitement and we think it will give us lasting happiness.

Happiness is not an object to acquire. It is not a thing to be bought. It is about being grateful for life and content with what it has to offer. 

"Happiness doesn't have a reason, there are no conditions attached. It is free for all, in this moment."
Everyone is looking for it in different places but happiness can only be found inside ourselves. 

The sun is always shining, always giving. If we don't see the sun or feel it, if we are not happy, it is because something is blocking it.

This can be selfishness, fear, stress, anger and expectations, etc.

So what we need to do, is to clear the blocks and meditation is one powerful tool to reconnect with happiness.

Happiness is a big feeling inside of being grateful of who you are and how you view our life. Are you content? Are you grateful for what has been given to you? Do you constantly worry about the future? Happiness comes out of a peaceful, balanced and clear mind.


With the help of meditation and mindfulness we can consciously direct our attention where ever we want it to go.

When we connect to our bodies, our breath and how we are doing right now, time stops and we are in the present moment. Here we can relax and let go of tension. We become centered and feel grounded.

This place is endless and full of potential and here we can expand and heal. The roaring ocean of our mind calms down and we reconnect to the flow of life. Our constant thinking blocks us from experiencing the present moment; the only place where happiness exists.

The Meditation Process

Meditation is a tool to cultivate a clear, focused and happy mind. This means that there is a chance that we are a little bit unclear, unfocused and unhappy with our lives if we do not meditate. 

Take a moment to investigate for your self. 

For me this was absolutely true! I was definitely having problems in all these areas.

The good thing about the process of meditation is that we are not the ones having to try to get clear, focused and happy. It is not our job!

The only thing we have to do into keep on meditating.

If you give yourself time to meditate you will experience something truly marvelous; you will start to feel complete, like nothing is missing. 

You will realize and experience your true essence. You will transform the way you experience and perceive your surrounding. 

Take three deep breaths to relax.

Bring the shoulders up towards your ears.

- When you exhale drop your shoulders and empty your breath with a sound like: Aaaaa or Haaaa.

This will make you open up your body and lungs. It will make you relax before you do the meditation.

Follow your breath.

- Sit straight with your hands in your lap.

- Breath in and out through your nose.

- Observe how your breath goes in through your nose and all the way down to your belly.

- Notice how your belly rises up slightly and sinks down again when the breath goes out (Relax your belly completely).

- Keep your full attention on your breath, only your breath.

- If you loose your way, getting distracted, just return to your breath.


Meditation has been around for thousands of years and is a powerful tool to cultivate a clear, focused and happy mind. When we accept life as it is in the moment and feel grateful for who we are and what we have, life becomes a happier place. 

"Meditation is a tool to cultivate a clear, focused and happy mind"

Tulku Lobsang

The many benefits of Meditation

Finding inner peace.

Going from frustration and stress to balance and harmony.

Finding happiness within.

Connecting to your true nature.

Finding clarity.

Going from a blurry perception of things to a clear view.

Developing intuition.

Being able to listen inward for answers.

Feeling grounded and at home.

Making friends with yourself and feeling at ease.

Strengthening willpower & patience.

Making powerful choices based on clarity.

Observing lifes flow in the moment.

Connecting with your breath and calming the mind.

Connecting with essence.

Finding and re-connect to source energy.

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“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down "Happy". They told me I did´t understand the assignment, and I told them they did´t understand life”

John Lennon

"You experience your life how you choose to perceive it; so why not choose to see happiness."

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 I conduct my consultations in Swedish and English.

For requests I am available on site, in Skåne, and also via Skype outside the area.

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