”You are the treasure that you seek”

”There is no tomorrow!...

The Adventure is happening right now... So use this precious moment to live your life to the fullest.”

Don't let fear and worry stop you from reaching your highest goals. Give freely of what you find and your life will become a celebration of true potential.

In 2006 I reached the lowest point in my life. I felt disconnected and depressed. I was trapped in a selfish mode fueled by fear. This resulted in a total collapse and I was not able to work, I felt hopeless and was full of fears.

My life had come to a complete halt!

I realized that I needed help. I had to give up the idea of trying to fix this on my own. I was lacking the power and knowledge to direct my life according to what was best for me, so seeking answers to this became my quest.

signatur Richard

”Open up and you will receive.”

I searched and I found...

... that without taking a good hard look at myself I would not develop. 

So during the past twelve years I have been doing an extensive inventory of myself and I have identified my flaws and weaknesses.

  • I have been facing my fears and gaining courage.
  • I have been willing to take action to clean up my past and correct my mistakes.
  • I have surrendered the idea of not knowing how life is going to be, and instead started to experience it fully.
  • I have found peace and inner guidance.
  • I have dedicated myself to help people uncover the truth about themselves.

I believe there is a universal spirit, that we are all a part of, that has all knowledge, power and love. To which we all have unlimited access,
we just have to realise it and re-connect.

”I believe that we are all a part of a universal spirit that has all knowledge, power and love.”

What I realized and gained from my life experience

I have healed slowly but surely. Sometimes taking a few steps back and once in a while a big leap forward. I have gained more trust and more peace of mind as I have moved along on my path to recover my true self.

I am grateful for all the people that have been there for me when I needed it. For getting to know a little about the secrets of life. For all my painful experiences and struggles because they make me a more humble person, better equipped to support others.

My life has taken on a whole new meaning and direction... I love to be me:)

Life is truly a great adventure!

signatur Richard

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