”Find fulfillment

in this moment.”

Hey There, Welcome!

- My name is Richard and I have a passion for helping people to let go and transform their lives. I believe our biggest problem lies in the way we think and feel.

If we habitually think of what we don't want and what we don't have we create many fears, expectations and uncomfortable feelings inside.

How can we be happy if there is always something wrong?

How can we be great if we constantly think we are not?

What we think is what we get...

The Basic Concept

- "Spiritual & Personal Growth Coaching" is about re-connecting to our inner source. When you start to identify your different blocks and listen to what your body wants to say, you welcome a whole new way of living. You become friends with who you are and you let go of other peoples ideas and thoughts about you; instead you begin to listen to your own longing for freedom and happiness.

When you notice that everything you long for is found inside yourself and that you don't have to search outside to become fulfilled… You start to relax deeply. You are the source of the love and happiness you seek. From this place of strength you can start to create the life you want. 

The Basic Concept

- When you connect to your inner essence you open up that channel. The more you do this the easier it becomes and the more potential it has to manifest in you life.

You are both human and divine and when you learn to connect to your spiritual aspect of limitless potential, endless love and joy, you are able to be and do so much more in life than you ever thought possible before. You are on your way to greatness.

The Coaching Process

- Wherever you are in life at his moment is where we start. Together we take a good look at what is blocking you from living the life you want to live. What is holding you down and back from enjoying life to the fullest?

When you become clear of this you start to listen inward for the answers. I support your inner exploration and guide you with powerful questions and strong intuition so that you can realize and experience your true essence. When you do you feel complete, like nothing is missing in that moment. 


- "Spiritual & Personal Growth Coaching" is a powerful way to combine the divine and the human aspects of our lives. We identify what is holding us back, we find and connect with our inner essence and then we use that power to fulfill our human purpose as best we can.

"We are already complete, we just need to realize this.”

The many benefits of

Spiritual & Personal Growth Coaching

Feeling fully listened to and understood. 

Being able to talk freely about your struggles in life and feeling supported all the way.

Saying yes to life in this present moment.

What you have is today, not yesterday and not tomorrow.

Knowing that I am complete 

Finding your way back to that inner resource that knows whats best for you.

Listening to what my body has to say to me. 

You have an intelligent body, listen.

Letting go of the struggle.

Welcoming the present moment experience and saying "yes" to life.

Re-connecting to my heart´s desire.

What we all want is to be happy and free and best friends with ourselves.

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”What we all need is to be heard and seen for who we are, and to know that someone understands and supports us.”

Richard Lindström

Beautiful statements from some of my clients

”My session with Richard was amazing! Exploring an inner space I have never been to. Visualizing the life I want for myself and my family. I hope a life changing experience.” - Kyle

”My session with Richard was deeply joyful and essentially useful. Learning to read my body and head, which is something all of use should learn. The words provided by Richard… he knows how to put in words what I try to say. Thank you Richard!” - Elena

”I found my session with Richard helpful. It showed me an obvious issue which I always try not to look at. The idea to love myself before I send it out to others. The session was peaceful and I felt protected and safe. Could not think of anything better.” - Stefan

”In my session with Richard I found it beneficial to know that it´s all right to explore the sadness space and that it´s ok to have it. A realization of being here in the moment and not listening constantly to my mind.” - Milou

I found my session with Richard amazing! It fascinates me how quickly you can incorporate a feeling like fear, so it isn't so big, or better said it is welcomed as a part of me. The main benefit was not struggling with fear.” - Kerstin

What I found supportive was the space you gave me and not just talking but focusing on the body. Very positive.” - Yeshud

”My session with Richard was lovely. I was being able to separate and analyze the matter in a different way. Richard was being objective, listened and gave meaningful support. It was the first time I did it and I think it´s something people should do more often. You have a beautiful soul.” - Alba

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Based in the beautiful south part of Sweden
 I conduct my consultations in Swedish and English.

For requests I am available on site, in Skåne and also via Skype outside the area.

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