- Be "Sporadious" on your Adventure!

Let your (Spontaneous), (Curious) & (Courageous) awareness always led the way!

We, the Lindström´s

invite you to join our life process.

"The Adventure of Now"

Our ups and downs, as we follow our passions:

- how to stay true to our creative flow and live a joyful life!

Told from four Explorers´ Hearts.


"The States on Wheels - Learning by Traveling"

9th of April - 11th of June 2018

Hey there we are Kristina and Richard and together with our two lovely kids, Noel & Lova, we went on our second big adventure together, and this time to the United States. A whole world out there ready to be explored, and so many ways of learning and sharing knowledge. This trip we disconnected ourselves from distracting technical devices, games and iPad, and aimed to reconnect to ourselves and our creative flow. 

An amazing trip came to an end and we have learned so much by meeting and connecting with people, and the happiness of being able to turn our challenges into positive adventures... We feel overwhelmed of how much that opens up to you if you are ready to receive... The love for traveling and adventures has grown stronger.

Without really planning or knowing how the travel would unfold we set our trust in our courage our curiosity and the love for exploring. Knowing in our hearts that we would be taken cared of, provided for, guided and having all our needs fulfilled.

Be "Sporadious" on your Adventure; let your (Spontaneous), (Curious) & (Courageous) awareness always led the way!

Wish you an amazing day with new encounters, The Lindström´s

In 2016 we made a big leap, we cleared our clutter and gave away most of our stuff and boarded a flight to the beautiful Island of Mallorca with only a few bags to carry. This was the start of our great adventure "The Adventure of Now"!

We wanted to break free from our daily routine, aim for more freedom, stay true to our creative flow and live a joyful life. 

We travel light, explore and grow. Foremost we love to inspire and to share generously our gained knowledge. 

We thank you for joining our process as we follow or passion our ups and downs as told from four explorer´s hearts.

Be Sporadious on your Adventure!

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