The Truth that will set you free!

The Truth that will set you free!

Are we creating our reality by imagining it?

Everything is one... one consiousness. There is no separation between inner and outer and all that is, comes from consciousness. This means that everything that exist, exists in consciousness and is made up of consciousness and brought forward through the power of our imagination. 

What do you believe to be true?

What we believe to be true of ourselves is displayed as our reality in consciousness. All that we experience is directly under the influence of our believes, assumptions, thoughts and feelings.

That which we believe and assume over and over again, soon becomes a habit and will materialize and be brought into our earthly dream.

If you for example have come into the habit of believing that you are no good and cannot amount to anything, then your whole experience of life will be filled with signs that this is true. You will tell yourself this over and over again in your mental conversations and other people will strengthen the belief by comments and suggestions. Everywhere you turn there are big signs stating the obvious and your failures will just pile up. You feel trapped and your world feels small and you don't have any options to expand. It is like an invisible force that keeps you from succeeding. 

What can you do to break free then?

”What greater gift could be given you than to be told the Truth that will set you free” - (John 8:32)
”The Truth that will set you free is that you can experience in imagination what you desire to experience in reality, and by maintaining this experience in imagination, your desire will become an actuality.” - Neville Goddard

During the summer I have dived deep down into the literature of Neville Goddard and Florence Shovel Shin, Dr Joseph Murphy and also started on the spiritual classic ”I AM THAT” by Nisargadatta Maharaj.

In his books Neville talks over and over again about using our imagination, his books are filled with it. 

He says that;

”God in man is man’s own wonderful human Imagination.”
”If all things are possible to God, and God is your Imagination, then it should be possible for you.”

Everything in this world had to be imagined first in order for it to be manifest. Whatever you can imagine can become a reality.


… just because we can imagine something don't necessarily make it manifest.

Here is a few points to the process. 

  • Change your concept of yourself, what you believe to be true.
  • Imagine that you already are that which you want to become.
  • Think and feel from the desired outcome.
  • Create a new powerful habit of imagining.
  • Assume that everything supports your new idea of yourself.

A family story

In April last year we went on a 65 day road trip in America. On this trip we only met nice people; I am saying: there was not a single person on the whole trip that did not treat us with mutual respect, happiness and an open heart… 

Isn´t that amazing? 

As soon as we got our van we said something like this; ”Let us stay open to receive wonderful experiences and be guided where to go and be given what we need.”

We were so happy and excited to be on this trip, and we believe that by radiating so much of this joy we attracted people and circumstances into our reality that supported this; people wanted to be around us. 

Many said this to us straight out. 

We also did not focus on any differences, we only met people heart to heart. This opened up the door for so much love and happiness in everybody. We connected so quickly with people that we felt like we had always known them. Many departures ended in tears after only meeting each other for a day or two. 

Our children connected with children and  dogs and their owners. Many told us it was a blessing to meat them, it felt like they had met their grandchildren that they never had or children they couldn´t have themselves. 

This story illustrates the power of assumption, belief and faith. We put our lives into the one power that guides us and we received greatly. We did not design the outcome but by our way of firmly believing our trip to be wonderful and knowing that we would receive, we experienced just that.

We assumed the best without even thinking about it and it reflected back to us in every meeting. It was truly a most wonderful gift.

We stayed open for receiving all that was given to us and we received so much generosity from so many people. We received many gifts, hospitality, friendliness and a bonding experience for the whole family.

Neville writes; 

”There is only one substance. This substance is consciousness. It is your imagination that forms this substance into concepts, which concepts are then manifested as conditions, circumstances and physical objects. Thus imagination made your world.”

The process of manifesting can sometimes acquire effort

Not in imagining but in keeping our attention fixed on the desired outcome. We have to over and over again put the beam of attention back on the desired outcome. We are so use to believing our senses that doubt, lack of faith and confidence can creep up during the day. We have to learn a new way of living and that can take time.

Neville also talks a lot about thinking from the end instead of thinking of the end. This means that if we just think of something, we are distant from what we think of, we are merely observing it. If we instead think from it, we have merged with it, we have become it, and are no longer just looking at it. We are now looking and feeling from it. This is a huge difference when it comes to manifesting one´s desires.

If we do this long enough we will merge completely and become that which we desire. 

We become the actor that fully takes on the role he is assigned by the director. The actor in not merely looking at other actors and tries to imitate them; no he feels deep down inside and practice over and over again to capture the mood, the feeling, the movements, the complete spirit of the role he is portraying. 

If you play a sad character in your theater of life and feel the desire to change this role and become a happy character you can do that through repeatedly imagining yourself to be a happy person. In your minds eye you practice over and over again what you see as a happy person, how you feel, what you do, what other people are saying to you and how you are talking to others. You can practice like the actor to catch the mood and feeling of a happy person as much as you can and assuming yourself to be a happy person and that people in your surroundings see you as a happy person.

It is impossible to serve two masters at the same time [Matthew 6:24, Luke 16:13].

In order to change, something has to die; we cannot serve two masters. We cannot serve the sadness if we want to become happy, it is just not possible. We have to completely abandon the old self to be born into the new self, the happy self.

”The master man serves is that which he is conscious of being. I am Lord and Master of that which I am conscious of being.” - Neville Goddard

What we have learned from life is that in order for us to be happy something in the outside world needs to change; we find a new partner, or we split up from our partner, we get a nice gift, we see something funny, we spend time with friends, etc, etc. We believe that in order for us to feel good and be happy something needs to happen to change us. 

This is just not true!

Happiness is available now, everything is available now, through imagination. Our power to imagine is greatly over looked and has been forgotten. I am not talking about daydreaming, I´m talking about conscious, repeated, focused imagining. Over time it will transform you completely.

Just keep on imagining yourself to be a happy person no matter what and you will become that happy person. Be attentively aware of any negative self talk, thoughts and feelings that don't support your new happy self, resentments and fears that crop up and block you. Over and over again go back to assuming your happy state.

Your power to change is only as strong as your desire to change. 

Some last words

When your desire is strong and your focused attention is on the feeling of the wish fulfilled and you are thinking from that assumed state, you change. 

Everything is one in consciousness and God is your imagination and God is in you and you are in God… nothing exists outside of ”I AM”. 

”I AM” is all there is.

I will further explore this in my next article.

I am on the Great Adventure,

”The Adventure Of Now” and it is truly fantastic.

This article was influenced by the teachings of Nevill Goddard. I am writing this in my own words as much as I can and to the best of my knowledge and interpretation. This is how I see things now. 

I aim to share my spiritual findings in weekly blog posts. This will also be available to listen to in my pod ”The Adventure Of Now” on Soundcloud. If you go there you will also find a guided meditation after the episode.

You can also listen to this post as a track below, which ends with a guided meditation.

Wish you a joyous weekend:)

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